How To Navigate Newark International Airport

Traveling through a new airport for the first time can seem quite daunting at first, given the size and complexity of modern-day airports. New Jersey's own Newark International Airport is situated roughly sixteen miles from Manhattan. Navigating the airport should be quite easy. There are three main terminals - terminals A, B and C - which service all U.S. airlines and a number of major international airlines. Continental Airlines has acquired terminal C, and has turned it into a modern, spacious lounge where you can find restaurants and other stores while passing the time waiting for your flight. Continental uses the entire airport as both an international and a domestic hub, and Continental has incorporated a facility for international arrivals, allowing Continental's international travelers who arrive in NIA to switch immediately to domestic flights without having to leave the terminal. Newark also has a 24-hour AirTrain service, which shuttles passengers to and from terminals A, B and C. Additionally, the AirTrain is linked to the airport's parking lots, rental car companies, and the Newark Liberty International Train Station, which connects to the Amtrak Northeast Corridor and the NJ Transit. 

The AirTrain shuttles back and forth between stops in intervals of 15 minutes during off-peak hours, which are from 12am to 5am. From 5am onward, however, are designated peak hours, wherein the AirTrain makes stops in intervals of only 3 minutes. Peak hours on Sundays start at 7 am and extend until 12 am the next day. The AirTrain begins at the parking areas outside (P1 to P3), and then connects through terminals A, B and C, exiting to parking area 4, and finally ending at the train stations. 

  • Terminal A has 27 gates.
  • Terminal B has 23. Each of these gates branches out into 3 aircraft gate buildings, labeled from A1to 3 and B1 to 3, respectively. These contain passenger service facilities and airline departure lounges. All international flights arrive in either Terminal B or C only, but may depart from any of the 3 terminals. 
  • Terminal C has 60 gates in total, with linear concourses C1, C2 and C3. As terminal C is the most modern of the three terminals, it boasts brand new passenger amenities, digital bagging systems, moving walkways and modern loading bridges. At the ends of the C1 and C3 concourses can be found the food courts, and there are two separate President's Clubs, one in C1 and the other in the concourse between C2 and C3. 

Flight information monitors are well-placed throughout the airport, so getting this information should not be a problem at all. Wireless internet connection is available in all terminals as well. 

For currency exchange services, Travelex is located in Terminal A, on the concourse beside TGI Friday's. There are five Travelex stations in Terminal B. These can be found in the customs baggage area, in the arrivals area, near the AirTrain entrance, between gates 40 to 47 and 60 to 68. Terminal C also has five Travelex stations - one each in gates 132, 90 and 120, one across the President's club and one by the arrival level's Starbucks.


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