How To Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Michigan

Michigan residents with disabilities are entitled to a disabled parking permit, which can either be a placard or a license plate. Parking permit can be obtained by submitting a completed application form to Michigan Department of State. Here’s the detailed process on how to obtain a disability placard and license plate.

  • Get a form. The Disability Parking Placard Application should be completed if you are applying for a placard, while the Application for a Disability License Plate should be filled out if you are applying for a license plate. Both forms can be downloaded from the Internet. If you have a permanent disability, you are qualified for both license plate and placard, but only a placard can be issued to you if you have a temporary disability. Temporary disability is defined as mobility limitations that lasts for as long as six months. Permanent placard is blue in color, while the temporary placard is red.
  • Complete the form. You should complete the first part of your form (whether you are holding a form for a placard or a license plate). You should put your name, county, city, phone number, and driver’s license number or identification number. The second part of the form must be accomplished by a licensed medical practitioner, who should establish your eligibility for a placard or license plate based on the definition of disability. He should certify if you have any of the following:

    Inability to walk 200 feet or more without the need to rest
    Need for assistive device such as wheelchair, brace, or crutch
    Lung disease that affects your mobility
    Cardiovascular condition that affects your mobility
    Arthritic, orthopedic, or neurological condition that affects your mobility

    The licensed medical practitioner, who can be a physician, physician’s
    assistant, chiropractor, or nurse practitioner, should also determine
    whether your disability is temporary or permanent.

  • Find out if you are eligible for complimentary parking. In the third part of the Disability Parking Placard Application, the medical practitioner will determine if you qualify for complimentary parking You can park without paying the fee if you have lost physical capacity to do activities related to paying your parking fee such as inserting a token or coin. If you are found eligible, your placard will have a yellow disability sticker. Financial reasons will not make you qualified for costless parking privilege.
  • Submit the application form. You can send the application form to any branch of the Secretary of State or mail it to:

    Michigan Department of State
    Po Box 30764
    Lansing, MI 48909-8264

Make sure to carefully read the prohibitions specified in the form, which are taken from the Michigan Vehicle Code. Foremost, the disability placard or license plate should be used only if the person with the disability is driving the car or is being transported using the car. Selling, modification, alteration, forging, copying, and using of forged or copied placard, license plate, and sticker are also prohibited. Presenting false claims or statements to imply eligibility for placard, license plate, and sticker is not acceptable. The Michigan Vehicle Code also prohibits using a canceled parking permit. Anyone who violates any of the prohibitions will be guilty of misdemeanor and will be fined or jailed, or both.


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