How To Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in South Carolina

South Carolina issues disabled parking permit (either license plate or placard) to its residents with disability. To qualify, a person must be testified as having a temporary or permanent disability by a licensed physician. If you have a disability or have a family member that has limited walking ability, you can apply for a disabled parking permit. Here’s how.

  • Download the form. You can get the form from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles’ (SCDMVC) website. The form is called Disabled Placard and License Plate Application. Print it out and have it completely filled out.
  • Accomplish Section 1. In the first section of the form, you need to identify whether you are applying for a license plate or a placard. A vehicle license plate is worth $20, while a motorcycle plate costs $10. A disabled placard meanwhile costs $1. The placard can be either temporary or permanent.
  • Complete Section 2. In Section 2, you have to supply the name of the person with disability. Include the street address, mailing address, telephone number, zip code, and driver’s license number or ID number. Have it signed.
  • Fill out Section 3. Section 3 should be filled out if you are applying for a license plate. In this section, you have to supply the necessary information about the vehicle owner and the vehicle itself: vehicle identification number, make, and year. It must be also certified in this section that the vehicle will remain insured within its registration period. Take note, however, that a license plate is only issued to a vehicle that is owned by the person with disability or by a family member living in the same house as the disabled person. The vehicle owner must affix his signature in Section 3.
  • Have a physician complete Section 4. In this section, the physician will certify that the condition qualifies as a disability and that the disabled person is eligible for parking privileges. Specifically, the physician should state if any of the following is present:

    Inability to walk 100 feet without feeling an aggravated pain
    Inability to walk without assistance from brace, crutch, cane, and similar devices
    A lung disease that restricts mobility
    Need for a portable oxygen
    Severe cardiac condition
    Neurological, arthritic, and orthopedic condition that limits walking ability.

    The physician must indicate if the disability is temporary (lasting from
    four months to one year) or permanent. His signature must be affixed.

  • Mail the form. When done with the form, mail it to the office of SCDMV. The address is:

    SC Department of Motor Vehicles
    P. O. Box 1498
    Blythewood, SC 29016-0019

Enclose a check or money order payable to SCDMV. Remember not to enclose cash.

If you are applying for a disabled parking permit for a business or organization, you have to fill out the Business/Organization Disabled Placard and License Plate Application. Accomplish Sections 1 to 3. Supply information regarding the business or organization and the vehicle. A disabled parking permit is issued only to organizations or businesses that, as part of their operation, transport disabled individuals.


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