How To Pack for a Carnival Cruise

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Are you going on a cruise via Carnival Cruise Lines? Lucky you! However, one of your greatest "worries" is what and how to pack for your vacation. So if you're on your way, say, from your hometown of Galveston, Texas to one of the most exciting vacations of your life, well, here are some tips that could help you out in knowing how to pack for excursions in Carnival Cruise:

  1. Make a list. That's right, it's a good idea to allot some time to sit down and make a list of what you'll need to bring for your cruise. It helps if you can visualize your routine during the cruise. Part of this routine would include bathing, so make sure to bring your toiletries. A word - though your cabin will have free toiletries such as towels and generic soap and shampoo, you may still prefer to use your own unique brand. Also, other additional hygiene products such as toothpaste, lotions, deodorant, conditioner, mouthwash, toothbrush, etc, are generally not available for free in your cabin. Your daily routine will depend on how you want to spend each day. You may be a music-lover, so you may find it important to bring your iPod or MP3 player; you may want to read during your downtime, so bring your favorite book (hopefully though, you don't spend all of your cruise being a bookworm!). Other things you may consider bringing would be your laptop. No matter what your preferences are, however, it's important that you bring your digital camera to record your cruise experiences, as well as your cellphone. When bringing electronic stuff, make sure that you bring along their chargers. You may also consider bringing along an extension cord or an adaptor, as some of the cabins may not have easily-accessible sockets. Remember to bring your medications. If your stomach is sensitive, you may consider bringing your own supply of bottled water.
  2. Plan out your clothes. Take into account your itinerary and the number of cruise days. If you're going to the Caribbean, you're going to get a taste of the tropical weather and fabulous beaches there (again, lucky you!). Dress appropriately: Bring about 2 or more bathing suits, and if you're so inclined, some swimming gear such as a snorkel, fins, goggles, etc. Remember too, to bring summer accessories and essentials such as your sunscreen, shades, a fashionable hat and slippers. If you're on an Alaska, New England, Europe or Canada cruise, make sure that you bring a lightweight jacket, sweater, raincoat, or any dress or top that can be layered, especially if you're traveling during the cold season. Make sure to also bring an umbrella and raincoat to allow for the possibility of rain in those areas. If your itinerary includes religious spots (such as the Vatican and other churches in the European tour), make sure that you bring appropriate clothes (something that covers your shoulders and legs would be good). Of course, how many days you'll be on your cruise is an important consideration as well. The key here is to plan for your apparel every single day you're on the cruise ship. In this regard, know that Carnival Cruise Ships have one or two Cruise Elegant evenings, where you are requested to wear elegant attire (for gentlemen: dress shirts and dress slacks, or even suits, ties and tuxedos; for ladies: cocktail dresses, elegant blouses and skirts or dress slacks, or evening gowns) at the dining area. However, if you aren't inclined to dress elegantly then remember that you won't be barred from the dining area if you're dressed down; it's not exactly a requirement. Know that shorts, bathing suits, cut-off jeans, flip flops and baseball hats are not allowed in the dining area. Generally, it's good to bring safe choices such as lounge pants, jeans, a variety of tops, casual dresses (for ladies) and comfortable shoes. Remember, you want your cruise experience to be relaxed and easy, so your choice of outfits should support you in that goal.
  3. Plan for emergencies. It's always good to be prepared, so remember to bring along items to cover emergency situations such as painkillers, anti-seasickness meds, etc. Know, however, that these medicines are usually available at the cruise line's over-the-counter pharmacy. Bring along waterproof, resealable bags for items that have a tendency to spill or leak; also, to store your more valuable belongings such as your electronic gadgets. You may also store your travel papers and other documentations (other must-have items!) in a resealable bag.
  4. Plan your carry-on luggage. Your suitcase may not get into your cabin until hours after your arrival, so make sure that you have easy access to your most important belongings. Items to include in your carry-on are: your wallet, travel papers and other documentation, digital camera, cellphone, MP3 player, a change of clothing (could be a light shirt and pants). You may wear your bathing suit underneath your clothing if you plan on getting into the hot tub or pools as soon as you get onto the ship.
  5. Browse online for other advice. Apart from this article, there are many other tips and advice available online given by ordinary individuals who have gone on their fourth, fifth or more cruises, on different cruise ships such as Norwegian Cruise, Caribbean Princess, Star Princess and Carnival Victory.
  6. Special considerations - You may be getting into that cruise ship for special reasons such as for weddings, or for cruise ship employment. In that case, make sure that you plan to bring appropriate items. For the former (weddings), make sure that you make arrangements through a travel agent plus a wedding planner as to such elements as flower arrangement and other decorations, mass booking (for guests and relatives), wedding attire, reception, etc. For the latter, make sure that you inquire with your employment agency as to what important stuff you need to bring along.

That's it! Hopefully these tips will help you embark on one of the most memorable vacations of your life. Good luck and happy sailing!


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