How To Pack for a Cruise Vacation

A cruise is the ideal vacation for many people! Before going on a cruise, make sure that you have everything that you will need, so that you don't have any unnecessary stress on the ship.

  1. Remember the paperwork. If you are leaving the country, do not forget your passport! You may not be able to get off at any ports of call outside the United States without a passport. In addition, you should bring a printout of your confirmation in case something is wrong with your reservations.
  2. Don't forget medications and medical supplies. Prescription medications are important, as are any over the counter medications that you use on a regular basis. If there is any other medical equipment that you need, make sure you have it with you: insulin injections, etc. Don't forget both your prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, or contact lenses and contact lens solution if you need them. Seasickness pills might be a good idea, just in case.
  3. Pack your toiletries. Many cruise ships provide basic toiletries, but you will need your makeup and any toiletries that you cannot live without. If you are particular about hair dryers, you will need to bring your own, although ships usually provide one. Curling irons and any other hair products or styling aids should also be packed.
  4. Carefully choose your clothing. Clothing will depend upon your destination - both the weather and the culture. However, you will need to remember to bring pajamas - a robe can be borrowed on most cruise ships. Also, bring your swimsuit! Even if you are taking a cruise to a cold climate, you can lounge in the jacuzzi on the ship! Formal clothes may be needed for any formal nights on the cruise ships.
  5. Bring your electronics. A camera is a must on a cruise ship - you will want to document your journey. Many people bring an underwater camera, whether disposable or not. iPods are also good for relaxing by the pool. If you are bringing your cell phone, don't forget your charger. Many people actually bring a power strip, since staterooms sometimes only have one or two electrical outlets. A digital camera can come in handy for waking up on time for excursions.
  6. You might want reading material. For times that you want to lounge poolside, or times that you are standing in line, a mystery novel or magazine might be just the thing, so throw a couple of those into your suitcase.
  7. Pack early and revise often. If you pack early, you have a few days to toss in any extras that you might forget at first. In addition, most people pack too much clothing, so try to take some outfits back out of your suitcase before you leave.

If you have everything you need, you will quickly be on your way to your ideal vacation, and prepared for any possibility. Bon voyage!


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Good article! Also, most cruise ships do not provide irons due to fire hazards. Be sure to pack wrinkle-free clothes or bring along a portable iron, if allowed. We learned this the hard way on our first cruise!

By Amanda Larson