How To Pack for a Guy's Golf Trip

Never Again Find You Don't Have Everything You Need

Man playing golf

Follow these tips, add to them if you like, and you'll be set when you're on the road to your next great golf destination.

  1. Get your money together (it will be short trip if you don't). Take a variety of "purchasing power," i.e., cash, credit/ATM cards, and checks.

  2. Get plenty of golf balls -- good ones, not the cheapest. After all, this trip is a big deal.

  3. Put an abundance of tees in your golf bag. No one likes to get to the 1st tee box and realize they don't have tees.

  4. Buy a cool divot tool. You'll look like a good player even if you aren't.

  5. Get sunscreen. There are some good, spray-on brands that are perfect for golfers.

  6. Find some healthy snacks. Pack some protein bars or trail mix in your golf bag and forget about it. You're stomach will remind you when it's time.

  7. Put at least two bottles of water in your bag. You'll be glad you did, not just for thirst (see below).

  8. A cool golf towel and one extra. Again, you'll look like you've played before. Also, the bottled water and extra towel will come in handy to keep grips and hands sweat-free.

  9. Buy and pack some good-quality rain gear, just to ensure it won't rain.

  10. Golf shoes. Don't leave home without them.

  11. Golf clubs. Believe it or not, it happens all the time. Make sure to clean them beforehand. It just puts you in a good frame of mind when you get them out of the car.

Take weather- and event-appropriate clothes for the course and a change for afterwards for each day of the trip. You can get by with fewer evening clothes if you need to save space.

Assemble these easily forgotten items early:

  • Underwear for each day, maybe some extras
  • Socks (for golf and otherwise)
  • Belts
  • Shoes (casual and event-appropriate)
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Toothbrush
  • Tootpaste
  • Hair brush/comb
  • Tylenol/Aspirin/Excedrin, etc.
  • Shampoo/soap (travel size)

Make sure to put things like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, anything liquid or that may melt, into sealable plastic bags or another leak-proof container. You'll be sorry if you don't.

Print this article and use it as a checklist. Begin compiling everything a couple of days before your trip so you're not rushed to get everything together. Get it done early and you'll be relaxed and confident when you get to the course. You'll already have an advantage, because everyone else will be buying golf balls, trying to find tees and wondering how they could have forgotten deodorant.


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