How To Pack for a Trip to Israel

Israel is a beautiful and historical country. It is a popular tourist destination for its many religious sites. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are cosmopolitan and yet rich with tradition.

With any trip, the rule is to pack light. It is faster and easier to go through customs if you are able to consolidate everything in one piece of  luggage. Also, you want to leave some room for souvenirs and trinkets you are bound to buy along the way.

Here’s how to pack for a trip to Israel.

  1. Determine the time of year you are traveling. The daytime is generally warm but evenings can be cool. During the summers months of April to October, pack only light clothing and include swimwear. During the winter months, bring a raincoat and small umbrella. Check the weather online before you leave so you know what to expect.
  2. Bring lightweight clothing. Pack short sleeve shirts and long pants. Jeans may prove to be too warm to wear. Women should bring a long wrap skirt or a long skirt to gain entrance inside religious sites. Bring a shawl to cover your head and arms. You can also use it to layer at nights for added warmth. Bring a light foldable jacket. It can get pretty dusty from the sand so wear clothes that won’t show so much dirt.
  3. Take along your bathing suit. A visit and swim at the Dead Sea is a must go for any Israeli trip. Israel has several beautiful beaches and will prove to be irresistible especially during the hot days.
  4. Pack a small medical kit that includes bandages, alcohol and some over the counter pain medication and allergy medicine. Take along your prescription medicine as well.
  5. Take along a small lightweight digital camera and extra memory cards. There are so many beautiful sights and the city is so full of color, you’ll want to capture it.
  6. Pack comfortable shoes. It’s alright to walk around the city in sandals.
  7. Bring your sunscreen and bug repellant. Bring a high SPF sunscreen and slather it on generously whenever you go out. Don’t forget your sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat or cap for full sun protection.
  8. The voltage used in Israel is 220V. If you are bringing electrical appliances such as shavers or blow dryers purchased in the US, make sure it is auto volt. Don’t bother packing it if it is not. Opt for disposable razors as an alternative.
  9. Bring your own toilet paper or tissue and take it with you wherever you go. Public bathrooms are not like in the States and are not as well supplied with toilet paper, toilet seat liners or paper towels.
  10. Take along a Hebrew for English speakers book. It is the language spoken in the country.

If you forget anything, you can purchase it in Israel but it may be costlier. Keep in mind that everything is written in Hebrew so you may have difficulty buying some things.


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