How To Pack for a Trip to Italy

Italy is beautiful country rich with culture and gorgeous scenery full of history and excitement. Depending on the region and season you are going, it may be a little daunting to pack for your trip to Italy. Don’t fret! Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll pack like any seasoned traveler.

  1. Research the weather for the duration of your stay. Use the Internet to guide you in temperatures and any expected rainfall during your trip. Italy has a pleasant climate year round but pack a light raincoat during the spring and autumn and lightweight clothing during the hot summer months.
  2. Keep your color scheme neutral, so all your pieces go together. Choose items that don’t show dirt easily even after continuous wear. Stay with blacks, beige, blues and earthy colors and just accent with a lightweight shawl.
  3. Pack light but bring your staples: an outfit for evening; bathing suit, a lightweight hat or cap and light jacket. These are always packed anywhere you go any time of the year.
  4. Leave your white tennis shoes at home. Italians make great footwear! Don’t stand out like a sore thumb with your white gym shoes. Be a little dressier and go with black shoes (even if they are sneakers) so you look a little less casual. Just make sure these are comfortable and you can wipe it to clean.
  5. Pack your toiletry kit with travel size beauty products. Aside from your bath and beauty essentials, bring disposable razors, a nail cutter, sanitary pads or tampons, panty liners, bath salts (if your room has a tub) and lotion. If you will be out in the country, bring some bug spray. Don’t forget your high SPF sunblock. Seal the caps with tape to prevent spills and pack all liquids and lotions in a big ziplock bag.
  6. Bring your prescription medicine and some pain relief medication. Throw in your birth control pills and allergy medication if you have any. You may also bring some band aid, just in case you get blisters from all your walking.
  7. Pack a small pair of scissors, some ziplock bags and some packaging tape in your luggage. You will use these when you need to repack for your trip going home. Bring your celphone charger and travel adaptor. Pack some multi vitamins to boost your immune system from the wear of time zone changes and late nights.
  8. For your carryon items, bring you money and credit cards, travel documents, camera and extra memory cards, hand sanitizer and eyeglasses. Pack spare eyeglasses in your check in luggage since these cannot be easily replaced during your vacation. On the plane, bring a set of change of clothes, including underwear.
  9. You probably won’t have time to read your paperback novel so don’t bother to bring it. Better to include your travel book so you are armed with information when you visit Italy’s historical sites.

Keep your things to a minimum so you have room to bring back all the wonderful trinkets and souvenirs you will find on your trip. Most of all, bring your appetite, sense of wonder and spirit of adventure to fully appreciate the majesty of Italy!


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