How To Pack for an International Trip

Packing for travel can be a daunting task if one is not prepared. The process of gathering personal items and then packing them into appropriate luggage can be simplified by following these basic guidelines for packing checked and carry-on bags:

  1. Begin gathering the items for the trip at least a month before your trip. Place them in the designated packing area. Place a notepad and pen in this site. As you pack, it will be easier to write things down as you remember them rather than to stop in the middle of packing to go on a scavenger hunt for forgotten items.
  2. Decide how many changes of clothes are needed per day based on the nature of your trip. For most trips, you will need two changes of clothes each day, especially if you are planning to put on fresh or more formal clothes for an evening meal.

  3. Find out how many pieces of luggage you are permitted to bring. It is easier to travel with one large rolling bag and one carry-on. Try to pick a carry-on bag that can be strapped to the large bag. This will free your hands to fetch documents and money.

  4. Set out one change of clothes and necessary toiletries, especially medicines, to place in your carry-on bag in case your luggage is lost by the airport. Place these items along with important documents in your carry-on. Do not put important documents in your large bag as it can be hard to find and accidentally forgotten before checking the bag in at the gate.

  5. Do not buy new socks and undergarments to take on trips. If appropriate, plan to leave the new items at home, and pack the old. Then you can throw away old undergarments at the end of each day. This will simplify packing for the return trip home.

  6. Clearly write your name and basic information on the outside and inside of your luggage. This is extremely important, and helps to identify lost luggage.

Remember that the most important thing you are taking on this trip is you. Bear this in mind if you find yourself in an emergency situation, such as a train derailment, airline incident or violent crime. Forget your bags, forget your passport, save yourself and those around you.


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Don't throw your undies out! You can wear your nice undies on holiday...
Most travel/camping shops sell small bottles of pre mixed laundry detergent that is made for use in handbasins. Wash you underwear in this and hang them in the bathroom to dry. Most hotel rooms have a pull out clothes line but you can always buy a travel one from camping/travel stores. For more travel tips check out my travel articles!

By Anneliese Bennett

Make sure you have photocopies of the first page of your passport which you will place in a separate place from where you put your passport. Some passport size photographs will also be useful. Make sure you have also very good insurance preferably one that includes evacuation.

By Mary Norton

Very important to write your name on the outside of things! That has saved me before - great advice!

By Bronwyn Harris