How To Plan a Motorcycle Road Trip

Motorcycle road trips are becoming increasingly popular. Proper planning is important to assure the safety and enjoyment of the rider. Determining when, where and how long the trip will take ultimately dictates the stuff you will need to bring. Here are some helpful tips you can put to practice to ensure a smooth ride.

  • Set your itinerary. This should include all the estimated time of departures and arrivals. This will keep you and your friends in check every time and avoid lagging behind in schedule which could result in a number of head aches. Determine your cooking and sleeping arrangements. Will each of you be renting motel rooms, or camping out and doing your cooking outdoors?
  • Know what to bring. Since the itinerary provided you with a guideline, you will know what to bring. If your group will just camp out under the stars, then of course tents should be brought. Will you be cooking outdoor, or will you be buying food to go from roadside diners? However you want these arrangements to be, a few things have to be present in every road trip. Since bikes have limited storage capacities, carefully planning what to bring is crucial. Do bring your bike's tools for any needed repairs. Do not forget to bring clothes for the cold weather as hypothermia is a rider's enemy. Drinking water should be brought along with other munchies for rest stops. Your cellular phone should be brought as well. Any form of identification, with information on who to contact in case of an emergency, should be included in your list. Also, bring your own first aid kit, maps, pocket knives, flashlights, duct tapes, extra cords, rain gear and gloves in your list of must-bring as well.
  • Prep your motorcycle for the road trip. Make sure that the fluid levels, including oil and brake fluids, and engine coolant, if any, are in their proper amounts. Check if the tires have the correct pressure. Lubricate and adjust if needed all clutch, brake and throttle cables. Of course, the battery should be checked and lights as well to ensure that your motorcycle is in good condition.
  • Prepare yourself for the trip. Motorcycle trips are more demanding than regular four-wheeled long drives. This is why mentally and physically preparing yourself for the trip ahead will make sure that you and your friends will have fun.

Forward planning has always been beneficial to any short or long trip. You may argue that a well-set plan will sacrifice the adventure and provide predictability to the trip. But if you really are set on making the motorcycle trip a safe and hassle-free ride, then a few set arrangements won't hurt.



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