How To Plan a Scavenger Hunt at Disney World

Going to Disney World with your friends or family? Lucky you! Do know however that many people get as lucky as you are – an estimated 44,100 people go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida on a daily basis. That would mean a lot of time spent lining up for rides. Avoid being bored at one of the most fun places in the world by spending your time constructively – have a scavenger hunt!

Plan to split up into small groups. Depending on how many you actually are, you should split up into small, manageable groups (probably about 3 or 4 people for each group). Make sure that each group has a digicam, a list of the things to be found, a watch (synchronized with the other teams), cellphone, and a clear idea of the plans (where to meet up after the hunt, etc).

If you’re with a group of kids, be sure that each group has at least one capable adult with them. You wouldn’t want any of the kids get lost in the crowd at Disney World, not even if they have a cellphone.

Do the planning and coordination before you actually get to the entrance of Disney World. Make sure that each group knows what to do even before you get to Disney World. It’s going to be very inconvenient and confusing to have to discuss plans amidst the bustle and activity of lots of excited tourists. You could do all the planning and coordination at your hotel room.

Some of the things to plan for include what the team memberships are, who the team leader is, where to meet up and at exactly what time, what to do in case of an emergency, and who the point person is. Make sure that all cellphones are fully charged.

Plan for the items to hunt. Ideally, it’s good to have an ocular inspection beforehand so you would know which unique items to look for. If you’re all going to be there for the first time, however, you could just plan for items that would predictably be at Disney World. For example, you could have them get Mickey Mouse ear hats, a signature from Snow White, etc.

Plan for questions to answer. Here’s another option: instead of items to hunt, you could have the teams hunt for answers to questions. Some questions include which is the tallest structure at Disney World, how many gift shops are at Disney World, etc. You could get other facts about Disney World from sites such as and

Consider having a photo scavenger hunt. It’s going to be way easier to plan for a scavenger hunt if the teams won’t have to actually take the items with them, but just take pictures of these items. A few photo scavenger hunt items could include famous Disney characters (you could hold a contest about how gets to take the most number of pictures of Disney characters, and there’s your entire scavenger hunt plan right there), a tourist wearing the most outlandish garb, a “spot-the-Mickey” structure, etc. If you require the teams to pose with these items, then that will also serve as their souvenir pictures – two objectives in one!

There you have it! These are just some of the ideas you could use when planning a scavenger hunt at Disney World. Who knew that you could make your trip to Disney World even more fun? Good luck!


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