How To Plan a Trip to an Amusement Park Resort

Amusement parks are great places for large groups of people to escape, relax, unwind and have some fun.  The United States is littered with amusement parks with various attractions for the young and young at heart.  These parks are filled with games offering prizes, wild rides as well as kid friendly rides, food booths, shops and other attractions that dazzle the senses.

Unless you are an amusement park junkie who practically spends every vacation at an amusement park resort, a lot of planning has to be done to really enjoy the whole experience.

Who’s going? Decide on who will be joining you on the trip.  Although bringing the whole family would be a fantastic idea, some may have prior plans or commitments.  Knowing how many are going and what their ages and interests are will allow you to better prepare all the different aspects of the trip

Budget. You should set a budget for the whole trip to prevent over spending.  The budget should include transportation to, from and during the trip.  All meals should be accounted for as well as the cost of lodging and entrance ticket fees.  Tickets can be ordered online at a discount.  Some parks offer season passes, day passes or even a Flash Pass in the case of Six Flags.  This type of tickets allows you to skip the long lines associated with popular attractions.  Some parks also offer special group rates.

Which park? If you have a budget constraint, you may opt to go to a nearby amusement park.  Or, your whole family may want to go to an out-of-state amusement park.  The park you choose should offer everyone in your group something to look forward to.  If grandma is coming as well as 4-year old Meg, there should be attractions that are worth their while. Orlando, Florida is not the only place you can find amusement and theme park resorts.  There’s Legoland and Knotts Berry Farm in California.  Six Flags amusement parks are all around the US.  Wisconsin Dells is a great destination if your group enjoys water parks.   Cedar Point is the place to go for roller coaster lovers.

How to get there? Depending on the location of the park, decide how you plan to get there.  You can drive, take the bus, go by train or ride a plane to reach your destination.

Where to sleep at night? Once you have an idea where to go and how to get there, next is determining where you will stay.  Many amusement parks have hotels and inns close by.  Some even have their own lodging facilities.  Make sure to canvass for the one that can give you the best value for your money.  Some lodging establishments offer perks like extra tickets to the park, extended park hours or free transportation to and from the park.

What to do?
Familiarize yourself with the park’s activities and layout by checking their website.   Select the different activities that you can do each day. Having a game plan in place will save you time and possibly unnecessary expenses.

What to pack? Make sure you have lots of extra clothing as well as sunscreen.  Don’t forget to bring medicines that you or your family may need.

Having a successful and fun trip to any amusement park resort starts with great planning.  Be meticulous and thorough.  When looking for a place to go, compare options, research and find the best deals you can on the web.   Once you’re there, reap the benefits of your well planned trip – a fantastically grand time! 


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