How To Plan a Trip to Disney World

Experience the world of fun, laughter and dreams that come alive in the place where all magical moments thrive. Disney World is one of the main attractions in the U.S. that all members of the family are sure to enjoy.

The world of magic is divided into six theme parks. First is the Animal Kingdom where all sorts of animals imaginable amuse you with their antics or scare you with some of their death-defying rides. Next are the Beach Water Theme Park and the Lagoon Water Park that lives by the code of summertime all the time. Another is the Epcot theme park wherein all the mysteries of countries unfold. A common favorite of the tourists is the Magic Kingdom theme park where all the top Disney characters have a ride to call their own. Go behind the scenes of all the Disney movies and cartoons and see where all the magic is created by visiting the Hollywood Studios Theme Park.

All these magic and thrills can be experienced by many with careful and thorough planning of the perfect adventure. A helpful tool for first time planners is Disney World's website, The website itself provides tips on how to plan your adventure by going through each of your concerns (budget, time, place, entertainment, attractions) step-by-step. They offer a range of vacation packages and allow you to choose from a variety of options. Should you make reservations online, you may avail of their discounts that only come with online booking. Aside from this, the website has a service that will assist you in planning an itinerary for a maximized experience of Disney World.

However, you may also opt for the method of viewing the ticket rates online and purchase them as you reach Disney World. Note that there are FASTPASS tickets that will give you a faster access to select attractions. Be informed of the group discounts available that are sure to save you money and allot that money instead for dining or souvenirs. Keep in mind though that there are certain seasons which provide a much more affordable rate and package.

Another important thing in the planning is the packing. Be prepared for the tons of adventure coming your way as you head off to Disney World and make sure to pack comfortable wear. Bring a swimsuit in case you would want to explore the water theme parks or else suffer the consequences and get soaked in your casual outfits.

Then there is the concern of how to get there. You may opt via land or air and know that Disney World in fact offers a special Complimentary Airport Transportation Service. This will take care of you roundtrip from bypassing the baggage claim and an instant ride as you get off the plane, which is definitely hassle-free. After everything is covered from booking, to tickets and transportation, you may now enjoy the myriad of adventures of this magical place and get the ultimate experience of all the wonders that Disney World offers.


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