How To Plan All Inclusive Vacations

Deciding on an all-inclusive vacation is the economical choice these days. By not having to pay separately for your flight, room and meals, you can enjoy every feature of the resort without keeping your wallet in hand. Follow this guide on how to plan all inclusive vacations.

Step 1

Decide where you want to go. Probably the hardest part of planning an all inclusive vacation is deciding where you want to go. The rest is easy! Choose which corner of the world you're drawn to so that you can narrow down your search for the perfect all inclusive vacation.

Step 2

Visit online travel websites. When you've decided where you want to take your all inclusive vacation, search online travel websites like or for an all inclusive vacation package at the destination you were hoping for. There will usually be a section of the website devoted to vacation packages. When you enter in your details on this page such as departure date and return date, ensure that you also click on the ‘all inclusive' selection so that the website will only show you packages that include everything. You can even search for all inclusive packages that are oceanfront, near a beach, or near a golf course. Most resorts offer all inclusive packages, so you can still tailor your all inclusive vacation package to meet your preferences.

Step 3

Book your vacation. If you've found the perfect all inclusive vacation package online, then all that's left to do is book it. Follow the link on the travel website to ‘book now'. Nothing is set in stone until you give your payment information, so you can always go back and make changes up to that point. Once you're at the booking page, you'll be asked for your personal information like name and address, how many people will be traveling (adults and children), and possibly even your passport information. Fill in all these details (which will be kept securely on the website and nowhere else).

After you have filled out your personal details, you will be asked if you are interested in purchasing travel insurance. That decision is up to you, of course, but if you're travelling to an area where you aren't covered by your medical insurance, it's a good idea to at least consider medical coverage. As well, if you're booking your all inclusive vacation a few months before your trip, you might want to consider trip cancellation insurance on the off chance that your plans will change and you won't be able to take your all inclusive vacation on the original date you booked it. All types of insurance cost more, but you'll be grateful you decided to purchase them in the event that something unexpected happens.

The last step in the booking process is payment. The travel website will ask for your credit card details. Enter all the information that is required of you, and click ‘pay now'. You'll be taken to a confirmation page. Print this for your own records.

Planning an all inclusive vacation is really just as easy as entering that feature into your online vacation search. Everything will be included so all you'll need to do on your all inclusive vacation is relax and wait for your drink to arrive.


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