How To Roll Your Rs

Being able to roll your Rs is essential for learning to speak Spanish and pronounce words in several languages. This ability once mastered also adds some romance to your language since some people just love the sound of a rolled R. If you want to learn to roll your Rs follow these steps.  

Step 1

Relax. It is very difficult to roll your Rs when you are tensed because your mouth has to be relaxed to form the sound. Take a few deep breaths to relax yourself while you progress through the following steps.

Step 2

Listen to speakers who have mastered the sound. It will help you if you can hear what the R is supposed to sound like before you begin practicing. Consider a language CD or listening to some Spanish radio so you can hear the rolled R used in natural, flowing conversation.

Step 3

Place your tongue behind your top teeth. Lightly place the tip of your tongue so that it is loose below the roof of your mouth between the palate and teeth.

Step 4

Open your lips slightly. The lips need to stay loose so they can vibrate with the sound.

Step 5

Tense your tongue while you exhale. As you exhale allow your tongue to vibrate against the top of your palate. Notice how you are starting to produce a soft purring sound.

Step 6

Assemble a list of words. Choose a list of words with a rolled R in them. Once you can make the simple purring sound, you can put it to use. Start practicing by reading the list of words.

Step 7

Keep practicing until the sounds become natural. Build your vocabulary of rolled R words then start practicing these words in sentences. After a while you will be able to make the rolled R part of your normal speech pattern when necessary.

The sound of a rolled R is present in several languages across the globe. In order to speak fluently in any of these languages including Spanish and Russian you should master the rolled R. Follow these steps and remember to practice then you will be able to make the rolled R sound.  


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