How To Save Money on Calls Abroad in Europe

If you are worried about spending your hard-earned money on telephone calls while you are abroad, but you still need to keep in touch no matter what, then here is how you can save money on your inevitable calls.

International Prepaid Calling Card

Use an international prepaid calling card to save substantially on the cost of a normal call and also control your expenses on the call, as you will know the usage and balance available on the prepaid card in advance. This can be used from any telephone including toll free numbers and prevent the owner of the telephone from being charged for the call. This way you can budget your expenses on calls easily.

Call-in-Europe service

Try the Call-in-Europe service. You will be given a French phone number and SIM card and you will have to call the service provider to get the PIN number to use this service. You will need an unlocked GSM tri-band cell phone to be able to use this service.  In this case, you will be charged as if the calls originated in France.

Use VOIP services

If you are comfortable using the Internet and the computer, you can minimize your call costs by using any of the VOIP services available. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP services can be used for making calls from your computer to another computer or landline or mobile phone. Some examples of VOIP service providers are Skype and Google Talk and of course, there are many more offering this service.

  • In most cases, calls made over VOIP from computer to computer are free of charges. The called party must have an internet connection and a computer. Both, caller and called party must also have the same software program downloaded on the computer. This you will get from your VOIP service provider.
  • If you are going to call a landline or mobile phone using VOIP service, you may or may not be charged depending on the service provider you choose. In any case, the charges are definitely lower than the charges for normal calls. Of course, you will have to invest in internet connection, computers, headset and other accessories to be able to use the VOIP service. This investment need not be looked at from the point of view of only saving on calls while you are abroad. If you have the accessories required for VOIP, you save on calls even while you are on home ground.
  • One disadvantage of VOIP could be the quality of voice, but the benefits of cost saving will far outweigh the problems in voice, if any.

Use Email

Use email for essential communication needs and stay in touch. This way you can save some money by not making telephone calls.

Use the new Euro Tariff

Switching to the new Euro tariff will help you in making and receiving calls on your telephone much cheaper and help you save on calls.

Just don't take your mobile

Assume that nothing will happen while you are away and enjoy your trip. Come back from your trip and list out calls missed on your phone and calls that you need to make. Then just call and make up for the lost time.

You will have to choose what suits your method of travel and your needs while on travel. With the above, your options on minimizing phone costs are wider.


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