How To Save Money When Traveling

Traveling is an educational experience that no curriculum can be found which is offering educational experience. However, traveling is expensive but if we are creative we can keep the costs to a minimum. Yet we still have fun and adventure to the max. Some tips for travelers include the following:

  • Buy your tickets when there are auctions or promos. Some promotional rates offer 50 to 75 percent discounts. Airline ticket auction sites offer very very cheap tickets for certain destinations.
  • Schedule your travel during off peak season. This is when classes are open and airline rates are lower. This also means that tourist destinations are not so crowded.  Decide how you will move in your destination. Decide on the most efficient option.
  • Volunteer to be bumped off. You will get this possibility when you travel during peak season when flights are overbooked. When you are bumped off, you are given airline credit or sometimes free airfare for your next trip. If you are not in a hurry being on the bump list may be appreciated.
  • Do not travel with an overweight luggage so you will not pay extra charges. To avoid it, weigh your luggage at home.
  • Stocky travelers who are assigned to occupy a special seat at the plane are not asked to pay for extra luggage weight in exchange for the seat.
  • Try to make friends with passengers who travel in groups. Arrange to have your luggage checked in together so that the aggregate weight could be carried on to theirs.
  • Do not buy maps related to the places you are going. Print them yourself or request from the tourism office. Eat like you are a resident of the place. Go to the market for your meals and look for budget meals. Do not buy postcards but use your camera to shoot pictures. You can share with your friends through a computer upload.
  • Some bars offer free drinks to women and free entrance on ladies’ night out. Do not buy your own toiletries. The hotel provides for its customers. If your travel involves taking a train, buy a saver pass to save money on a per trip basis. Use entrance-free concerts, lights and music show, or other entertainment.
  • Use a hidden body bag to keep your travelers’ checks and cash as well as passport.  Bring medicines for simple headache, colds, diarrhea, allergies, and constipation. Buy prepaid local sim card. Do not use hotel phones.
  • Buy your souvenirs from night markets instead of from the malls. Be creative with your souvenirs, sometimes the best ones are not from the souvenir shop.

Traveling can be very expensive if you do not have proper planning. You should learn travel tips and be creative in designing your travel itinerary. The purpose of your travel is to enjoy and be entertained. Therefore, your budget should not be dwindling and could sustain until the duration of the entire travel.


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