How To Save Money While Visiting London

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London is one of the most popular destinations to visit, but people are overwhelmed with how much they need to spend. Before you scratch London out of your list, consider these small but helpful tips to get the most out of a small budget and still enjoy this beautiful city.

Transportation - Most tourists plan their trips with very busy itineraries with so many places to see. While planning these activities, find out how to get to these places using public transportation. Avoid cabs as these are more expensive than using public transportation. You can get passes that combine the use of buses and trains. Sometimes you may even consider getting some exercise and enjoying the sights on a leisurely walk around town. For European holidays, the Eurail pass is always a good option.

Free activities - Immerse yourself in London's culture while doing things that will not burn a hole in your pocket. There are a number of things you can do for free. Start by visiting some of the museums like the British Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and Tate and National Gallery. You can also relax in some of the parks like the Hyde Park and Regents Park.

Shopping - Shopping in London takes your mind to the ever so popular Harrods right away. Well if you do all your shopping here, you will really encounter very expensive things that you wouldn't normally buy. To save yourself from the agony of not being able to buy what you want, try visiting some on London's markets where you can get amazing stuff well within your budget. Camden Market and the Portobello Road Market are equally popular tourist shopping areas. Try visiting these places!

Combination tickets - With the number of attractions worth visiting in London, you'll surely want to go to as many as you can. Then the London Pass is for you. It’s passport to over fifty tourist attractions in London. You may choose to pay for one to six days. The London Pass will save you a lot of money as these passes allow you to rather than paying to see each of these attractions one at a time.

Food - If you're staying at a hotel, choose a package that already includes daily breakfast. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eat a substantial and heavy one. This will help lessen the tendency of feeling hunger in the middle of exploring the sites of the city. For lunch or dinner, try to buy food from groceries or markets instead of eating at expensive restaurants all the time.

- It is nice to be able to stay at a very nice hotel at the heart of the city but of course these do not come cheaply. Try to book a nice and cozy hotel or guest house further from the center of the city to save on a little accommodation cost.

Theater - So you want to see a show at the West End? The best way to save money is to wait for the day of the performance you want to see and buy a discounted ticket from Leicester Square. Still can’t afford a West End performance? Catch an enthralling performance of Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, an open-air theater where you can buy tickets for as low as ₤5.

Now who said you have to spend a fortune to have a good time? Careful planning and some research is what you need to enjoy your vacation without hurting your budget--and in London nonetheless.


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