How To Save on a Car Rental

Tricks the Rental Car Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Summer is here, vacations have started and knowing how to save on a car rental can put extra money in your pocket to be spent on your trip. As with any business, the rental car business is an ultra-competitive one, and knowing the right places to look and the right question to ask can save you a good amount of money.

Many times a car rental company will not advertise the possible savings you can get because they want you to pay full price. Here are some sure-fire ways to save on your next car rental:

Step 1

AAA discount: Many of the car rental companies offer a discount for AAA members. Again they may not advertise this fact, but if you ask you can realize an easy savings.

Step 2

Credit card discount: Often times a car rental company has a special deal with a credit card company to offer their card holders a discounted price. Usually the credit card company will send you a flyer in the mail, but if you are like most people that brush those things to the side, you can always call the toll free number on your credit card and ask them if they have any discounts available.

Step 3

Online discount: Here is a trick that almost all the car rental companies employ but will never tell you. If you make your reservation online instead of over the phone or in person, more times than not it is cheaper. To check this theory, simply call the car rental company that you are considering and ask for a quote, then go online and see if the quote is less.

Step 4

Special promotions: Many car rental companies offer special promotions. These promotions can be a cheaper rate on a certain day of the week or even a free upgrade to a nicer vehicle for the same price. While many of them do not advertise these promotions at the actual pick-up location, some of the promotions can be found online, and you can always ask them before you make your reservation.

Step 5

Price matching or beating: The car rental business, as with many other businesses these days, has been hit hard by a down economy. More people are willing to take their own vehicle on vacation or skip it altogether. Use that to your advantage. Get a price from one car rental company and call several others to see if they will beat that price. This is NEVER advertised but will often work, especially if the car rental company is experiencing a surplus of cars sitting on the lot.

It isn’t really a question of can you save money on your next car rental, but rather how much money can you save. The only people who will pay full price these days for a rental car are those individuals who refuse to ask questions. Using these simple tricks will definitely save you money this summer on your next car rental, and you will have more money to spend on your vacation however you see fit.

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