How To Schedule the Cheapest Domestic Flight in India

Facing the fast growing competition in the aviation industry for domestic flight and international flights, the two premiere Indian airlines must find a way to continue providing services to their existing passengers. Indian Airlines or Indian, a government owned corporation that caters to domestic flights, joined hands with Air India, the international carrier of the nation. The merging of these airlines in 2007 opened a number of advantages both to Indian and foreign travelers.

A local who wants to explore India embarks on a long trip that could last several hours because of India's vast territory. Journey by train is not a practical choice and can cause fatigue. The plane is the best and the most convenient choice, but costs a considerable amount of money. Adding to the expense is the hassle of how to book Indian airline flights. These problems are not for the locals alone but for foreigners too who would like to visit and explore India.

Now, with the two aviation companies combined, another kind of twist is added to the interest of exploring the country. Domestic fares are offered cheaper and airline reservations are more convenient. Domestic tickets are now offered through e-services, and booking and check-in of international flight is now made available to any domestic point of the country.

Because India is a country of history, culture and tradition, millions of tourists visits annually, adding to the locals that travel around the country. With festivals taking place after another, domestic fares soar and flight schedules are filled, which is sometimes frustrating and infuriating.

Here are some worthy tips that could help you in scheduling the cheapest domestic flight and some other useful tips.

  1. Consider the season of your tour. Airline fares vary on the festival, event and season that the city has. This kind of information is available at the country’s tourism department and sites.
  2. Check the airline’s flight timetable, fares, status, etc. Doing your research always saves your pocket. These details are available on the airline’s official website and ticketing offices.
  3. Book your flight in advance. If you are really determined to go on a tour, it’s best to book your flight some months before your actual travel date. Fares are always cheaper if book in advance when plenty of seats are still available.
  4. Get the confirmation of your flight schedule after paying.

Some other things that you have to remember aside from your ticket are:

  • Hotel reservation. Like the airline ticket, it is also available that you book your hotel in advance. Because in the peak season and during festivals, Hotel rooms are filled and accommodation can be a problem.
  • Information. If you plan to embark on travel to witness a festival, it is good to gear yourself with information of the event. Knowing a thing or two about the event will let you appreciate it more.
  • Communication. Learning a few phrases and words of the country’s language is very useful for a traveler.

So if you’re all geared up and with your backpacks on, get on an Indian airline’s domestic flight. 


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