How To Share the Costs of a Group Charter Flight

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Air charter was originally perceived to be costly and luxurious, to be afforded only by jet setters and elite people. Presently, however, it has become a practical and popular option because of the benefits these services offer to passengers. The charter flight option becomes even more practical if you can arrange for a group to share the costs.

Some of the benefits of private charter flights are:

  1. If the plane is occupied to full seating capacity, the cost is cheaper than ordinary flights.
  2. It allows for direct flights with no need to take connecting flights.
  3. It allocates special arrangements among passengers like accommodation for dogs and other pets.
  4. Passengers are given access to better amenities, thereby making the air travel experience more comfortable.
  5. Travel is faster and delays are minimal.

When traveling on a charter airplane, you must have clear knowledge of how the costs are shared to determine whether it is indeed cheaper to travel with a group or to travel alone on a commercial jet.

Read further to get an idea on how to share the costs of a group charter flight.

Sharing the costs of a group flight simply means dividing the cost of chartering the private jet among all the passengers aboard. Your share will depend on how much space in the plane you need to occupy. There are times when you must have an extra space or extra leg room because you have delicate luggage (could be your 50 lb dog) that you need to attend to throughout the trip. Now this luggage might take up an entire space on the plane. In this case you will have to shoulder an extra cost.

There are charter trips available with packages that include accommodation and tour services. Since these services are part of the package, you have no choice but to pay the entire fee even if you already have your own accommodation and tour companion waiting for you at your destination. In this case you have to decide whether to take the group flight or to take a chance on a last minute flight to save you the cost of paying for services you don’t really need. Sometimes, a tour package offered by a charter flight is more economical than a standard airline fee. Hence it will be more sensible if you fly on a charter airplane, pay for the entire package, and just waive the accommodation and tour services that you don’t require.

The costs of a charter flight may vary depending on the body size and engine capacity of the charter airplane. Of course the bigger the plane and the more powerful its engines are, the higher are its charter costs. Travel time and distance also matter. To be considered as well are other costs incidental in chartering the flight. Therefore don’t be surprised if there are no uniform prices for charter flights because of the other factors mentioned.

As already mentioned, the costs of a group charter flight are generally divided among the passengers. There are special cases, however, in which a single traveler (probably a wealthy patron) may offer to pay a certain portion of the entire charter fee in exchange for special amenities and services such as an extra seating space, special dishes and beverages, etc. Say, the charter fee is $10,000 and the patron offers to pay half for just two seats; the remaining amount shall then be divided equally among the rest of the passengers. Cool, isn’t it?


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