How To Ship a Package Overseas

Sending packages is difficult for some people. There are different concerns you need to consider, like keeping your package safe and bringing them in a timely manner to their destinations. The fact that you are sending it to a different country makes it much more difficult, as you will be dealing with foreign customs. Fortunately, the following steps can help you deal with the stress of sending packages overseas.

  1. Properly package your item. The first thing you need to do is to prepare your package properly. Unlike shipping a package within the country, packages for international shipping will be transported longer. Make sure to package your item properly to ensure that your item will arrive in good condition. To check whether your package is safely packed, simply shake the package. If you're confident that the package will not move as you shake it, then it is properly wrapped.
  2. Get the exact address of the destination. The next thing you need to keep in mind is the address of the destination. Make sure that you get the correct and exact address of the person you're sending the package to. Take note of the format to avoid custom problems. It would be better if you print the address of the destination in uppercase letters. The US Post Office has recommended this. This makes reading easier. If, however, the address of the destination is written in different language, you have to rewrite in English the country, province and city. When you write the country, make sure you place it at the last line. Ensure that no additional information is listed beside it. Spell out the country completely and correctly. You also need to include your complete name and your address. Place this in front of the package. Be aware that you shouldn't use abbreviations when spelling out the information.
  3. Purchase a postage scale. The next thing you need to do is to weigh your package. If you don't have a postage scale, purchase one. Although the post office will be weighing your package as well, it would be better to know the weight of your package before going there. This is especially useful for online sellers since they can provide their buyers price quotes of their products. You will find many affordable postage scales at eBay, Wal-Mart or office supply store. Once you determine the weight of the package, visit the USPS website and calculate the postage fee.
  4. Fill out customs forms. There are two types of customs forms: form 2976 and form 2976-A. If your package weighs less than four pounds, use form 2976. The other form is for packages that weigh more than four pounds. You can easily obtain these forms at the post office or simply order at
  5. Select a postal service. There are four basic postal services available: Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail international, Priority Mail International and Firs-Class Mail International. Choose a postal service depending on what kind of package you have. Visit the USPS website to learn more.
  6. Calculate proper postage. To get the proper postage for your package, visit the You can get the proper delivery times and shipping costs there.

These are the steps on how you can ship a package internationally. Shipping a package overseas doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. There are some additional steps in sending a package within the country. You just have to learn these additional steps and you'll be a pro in no time.


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