How To Stay Free at a Hotel

Hotels are a large expense in travel costs, though they often set the tone of the rest of the vacation, providing a safe and comfortable haven to rest after a day’s tour. You can choose to go for more affordable lodgings, but the quality of experience drops as you are forced to share bathrooms, deal with pests, and cope with basic services. But what if you can stay in a great hotel for free? The industry term for this is “comp”, as in complimentary room, and since many hotels rarely achieve full occupancy, they will usually let chosen people stay in the empty rooms for free.

Here are some ideas that may get you a hotel room for free:

Join hotel promos. Attend wedding and vacation fairs, then drop business cards in those fishbowls with all the exhibitors, especially the hotel stalls. More likely than not, they will call within months and offer you a free stay in one of their newer hotels. Then go their designated office and sign-up. They may make you watch a short video presentation of their hotels before you conclude your transaction.

Be a big bettor
. Casino hotels give lots of perks to big rollers, including free accommodation to their best rooms. If you provide them enough business, a hotel representative will accommodate a lot of your needs.

Be a frequent customer
. Many hotels have rewards program that give loyal clients freebies, including free accommodations. Sign up at your favorite hotel and rack up those points!

Join the hotel industry. Travel agents, meeting planners and others in the industry get a lot of rewards for the business they bring in. Unused rooms are a common gift, as well.

Join According to their website, ten of thousands of hotel rooms stand empty every day, and hoteliers rather let people stay for free in these rooms, in the hopes they’ll spend money within the hotel, anyway. The website has more information and instructions on how to avail on these free rooms.

Have someone foot the bill. Do you have a rich relative? Are you about to get married? Then ask for a special wedding gift by letting them pay for a hotel room of you and your new spouse’s choice. There are also many other ways for someone else to pay for your stay. Perhaps you are an important individual in your industry and people will be interested in hearing you talk. If you ever get invited to speak before a crowd, get the organizers to foot your travel and lodging costs. Finally, your own company can pay for your hotel expenses if you represent them at a trade show.

Some of these suggestions will get you free accommodations but will limit your choice of services and even the date of your stay. But a lot of charm can get you what you want while you’re in the hotel itself. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to the concierge or one of the staff to get more perks.


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