How To Survive in the Forest

You never know how life will play with you. In an instant, you might find yourself stranded in a forest. It is necessary for you to be prepared for this type of situation or scenario. If you know what to do, you can survive in the forest without any problem, but you can also be dead in a minute if you are not mentally prepared. Naturally, it would be best if you have some survival gear at the time, but if not, you can still survive with these tips.

Definitely, the first reaction to a scenario like this is to be afraid. You need to force yourself to be calm. Since you want to survive in the forest, you must be alert and you must have your mind free of any possible distractions. Be sure that you don’t get so afraid that you can’t think of ways to survive. The more the fear takes over, the lower the probability that you will survive. This is because when your mind is clouded, you are unable to think logically.

Second thing to note is that you have to be warm and stay warm. One of the major obstacles you may encounter is the cold weather in the forest. It is critical that you do anything you can do to maintain your temperature and stay dry. Keep moving around and try not to stop to sleep if you do not have shelter.

Fire is life and this is the reason why you should know how to make one. Nature has given you wood and kindling. Remember that you only need spark tinder, oxygen and fuel to make a fire. This means that you are already surrounded with what you need. The most difficult part of creating fire in the forest is the spark. This wouldn’t be a problem if you have matches, torches or lighters with you.

You can also use a dry narrow stick and a dry flat wood piece in an attempt to make fire. Make as much friction by rubbing them together with some kindling at the direct frictional area. This might be a lot of work but then doing it correctly can give you satisfying results. Voila, and you have a fire! You have to realize that it would be very difficult to survive in the forest without fire. Thus, maintain the flame of the fire when it is lighted.

Next that you would have to consider is shelter or lack thereof. Make a sheltered area one or find one. Caves can be good shelters. But most of the time, building your own is a necessity. Look for a fallen tree and it will be easier for you to cover with bushes and brunches. This is so that you can remain in the natural pit at the bottom of the tree trunk. Having shelter in this kind of scenario is necessary to be able to survive.

Remain exactly where you are. Do not go anywhere else unless you are sure of where you are going. Wait for rescue if you are lost. If you know where you are, travel during the day. There are many stray and wild animals that could harm you, especially when traveling at night.


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