How To Tag a Bag for Travel

Going on a trip involves planning. You need to make sure that you are 100% ready before you can go out and travel. There are different things that you need to consider if you are planning to travel. Aside from the accommodations and transportation, you also need to prepare your baggage.

Some people think that preparing baggage for travel is something that you should not really care about. Unfortunately, there are many incidents that may happen if you do not know how to prepare your belongings properly. You can lose your luggage. One of the best ways to secure your belongings is to tag your bag. The following steps will teach you how to tag your bag for travel.

  1. Choose bag for travel. Before you worry how you will tag your bag, you first need to choose the kind of bag you will use for your trip. There are different types of bag for travel. Lightweight bags are usually the best choice. Since most lightweight luggage is carry-on sized rollers, you can easily fit them in the compartment. This type of bag is also good for leg journeys.
  2. Select a luggage tag. Once you pick a bag to use, you can now start worrying about the kind of tag you will use for your travel bag. You will find different kinds and colors of luggage tag. If you are on a business trip, you might want to try business card luggage tags. With this type of tag, you will no longer have to personalize your tag. All you need to do is insert your business card on your tag. You might also want to use a plastic luggage tag. This kind of tag is the best choice if you want to personalize your tag. It is also a good choice for leg journeys. You can even use your pet’s dog tags.
  3. Fill out information on the tag. After selecting the type of tag to use, the next thing you need to do is to write your basic information on the tag. Now, this step is the most important. This is why you have to remember the important details that you need to put in your luggage tag. Since the primary purpose of your luggage bag is to make it easier for you to find your luggage in case gets lost. You need to include important information such as your name, your contact number, alternate contact number, email address and if possible, the phone number of the hotel where you will be staying.
  4. Place the tag outside the bag. The next step is to place the tag on your bag. Attach the tag on your luggage. Most tags today come with a ribbon that you can use to attach the tag to your bag. In case the tag you bought does not have one, make sure the ribbon you will use can securely attach the tag on your bag.
  5. Place a tag inside the baggage. Aside from placing a tag outside your bag, you should also make it a habit to place a tag inside your bag. This is very helpful in case the tag outside your bag falls off accidentally.

These are the things you should do when tagging a bag for travel. Losing your baggage during your trip can happen. With these steps, you can easily avoid losing your personal belongings. Also, avoid using stick-on tags. This type of tags can easily fall off.


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