How To Tip a Shuttle Driver

When you are going on a trip, a host of people are working to provide you with a safe and comfortable travel. And these include the shuttle driver. The shuttle driver securely brings you to your destination, whether to the airport, house, or hotel. If you want to reward his prompt service, you can’t go wrong with tipping him. Tipping means you notice and appreciate his performance. If you want to know how exactly to tip a shuttle driver, here are some points you can consider.

  • Tip $1 to $2. The tip money for shuttle drivers usually amounts to $1 to $2 per bag. Two dollars is applicable if he helps you load and unload your luggage. If the shuttle driver does more than what is required of him or offers you excellent service, consider tipping him more. You can give as much as $5, although of course the amount still generally depends on you. As you give the tip, make sure to thank him and smile. Doing so will make him feel even more appreciated.
  • Decide whether to tip a shuttle driver offering substandard performance. If you happen to ride with a shuttle driver who is rather incompetent or delivers not so good services (arriving late, not helping with your luggage, showing rude attitude, etc.), it is your prerogative not to tip him. But there are people who still choose to tip, albeit lower, because of guilt. They give based on the notion that shuttle drivers, like most workers in the service industry, heavily rely on tips. So if you choose to tip as well, rest assured that the amount will be of great help to the shuttle driver. But do not pass up the chance of letting him know of your displeasure. Just because you tip doesn’t mean you are letting him get away with his substandard performance.
  • Tip the shuttle driver upon your arrival. Although some people tip as they board the shuttle, it is more appropriate to tip the shuttle driver as you arrive at the destination. The practice of tipping after receiving the service is apparent in almost all kinds of service businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, and cabs, and it is the same way with shuttle services.
  • Prepare your bills. Remember that the shuttle driver is only among the first persons you to have to tip for the duration of your travel, so make sure you have plenty of small bills with you even before you get in the shuttle. If you must, have your money broken into small bills early on.

In some countries, tipping is not practiced as openly as it is done here. In fact, there are countries where service personnel, including shuttle drivers, overtly turn down tips. So if you are going to travel to another country, better do some researches. Find out the tipping practices observed in the country and how much is given as a tip. This will save you from potential embarrassment.


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