How To Travel Canadian Railroads

The Canadian railroad system is a very extensive network that services the people who live in the southern part of the country. The majority of the population live in this area, since the weather is still generally tolerable here compared to the other parts of the country. Most of the tracks in these areas are managed by the Canadian National Railway Authority, which is very much in control of just about every route and every train traveling through the vastness of the Canadian landscape.

Since the territory is so vast, it might be a better idea to take the train to get around. The distance between Vancouver, British Columbia and the other major cities toward the middle of the country, such as Toronto in Ontario and Montreal in Quebec, are so huge that taking the train will prove to be a more economical and faster way than trying to brave the Canadian roads and drive for days.

For the most part, the railroad system in Canada is similar to the ones in the United States. There are specialized trains that are for passengers, while there is also a train for freight and cargo. Although Canada has a relatively small population compared to the United States, their economy is fairly strong so they do get a lot of goods traveling back and forth from the Pacific coast of British Columbia to the Atlantic shores of New Brunswick to the east.

Taking the train can be quite an experience in Canada. The views are majestic since the scenery stretches out for miles, as far as the eyes can see. There are numerous snow-capped peaks and verdant green forests that would definitely soothe the weary body and mind.

Some of the train lines are also controlled by other small players within the country that operate within the city or town limits of certain communities. There are specialized train companies that occupy major shares of the provincial traffic of Canadian provinces such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The schedule is taken very seriously in Canada. Trains generally leave on time and you can buy tickets online or right before the train leaves at the station. Trains have also been used for tourism to explore the old Canadian towns that used to depend of mining and drilling for their economy. To this day, steam engines still go through the tracks in some areas for scenic excursions to the Canadian outback rail.

Some American trains such as Amtrak also find their way to Canada from time to time. The border between the United States and Canada is so broad that it’s easy to have tracks crossing from one country to another. The fact that the currency is almost of the same value helps as well.

Traveling throughout a big country on rails can be quite an experience. It’s not only convenient and safe, it’s oftentimes an adventure in itself, because of the wonderful vistas you can watch, and even the people you get to see and meet during your trip. 


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