How To Travel with a Breast Pump

It might be difficult for a nursing mother to travel with a breast pump but this is necessary to maintain your milk supply and prevent breast engorgement, which can be very painful. Even if your baby is traveling with you, the baby’s regular feeding may be interrupted due to the change in environment. Take a look at some ideas below on how to travel with a breast pump.

  1. Place your breast pump in a separate carrying bag. Include handy wipes inside the bag. This will facilitate things when you have to travel by air. A breast pump can resemble a bomb when view through the X-ray machine. Having a separate bag and telling the luggage checker that you have a breast pump will eliminate this problem.
  2. Clean your breast pump thoroughly and sterilize it the night before you travel. This will ensure that you breast pump is very clean when you use it while traveling. To maintain its cleanliness for the succeeding use you may have to use the handy sterilizing wipes. If you have access to hot water, such as in a plane, ask for some from the airline attendant and wash your breast pump inside the lavatory before you use it. Clean your nipples with sterilizing wipes before you pump out the milk.
  3. If you have your baby with you, pump your milk prior to your trip. Keep the milk in feeding bottles and store them in a cooler packed with ice. Buy a milk warmer that can be used using a car charger. Or your can take a thermos with a large and deep cover/cup filled with hot water so that you can get the milk back to the right temperature before you give it to your baby. It will still be safe to give to your baby pumped milk within four or five hours after it has been pumped and placed at room temperature. Otherwise, make sure you can place the feeding bottles inside a refrigerator or cooler and freeze the others to prevent spoilage.
  4. Keep to your normal schedule. If you do not have the baby with you maintain the regular feeding times when you nurse your baby to pump your milk. This will ensure that your milk supply with be constant. This will also prevent you from suffering from breast engorgement. This is a very painful predicament and can cause you to fall sick.
  5. If you are flying with your baby and you have bottles of cold milk, ask the stewardess for some hot water place in a bowl or glass big enough to hold the feeding bottle so that you can warm the milk before giving it to your baby.

Consider breastfeeding while you travel. Wear clothes with buttons in front to provide you easy access to your breast when you need to nurse. Use a jacket to give you some protection from prying eyes. You can also use a baby blanket draped over your shoulder as a shield while you nurse. This will minimize your need to use your breast pump while you are in transit.


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