How To Travel Without Planning

Traveling Without Setting Oneself Up For Failure

It's happened to the best of us: a flight delay, hotel booked solid, vacation ruined due to weather or other tourists. Many people shrug and chalk it up to life... no matter how well-planned a trip is, things can and will go wrong.

What would happen, then, if one simply did not plan the trip at all? To declare a destination is to set a goal, but if you fail to reach it, then you have failed your goal. To say you must take this plane means you may miss your plane. But what if you traveled with only a vague idea of direction? Life may reveal to you a far better trip than you planned...

  1. Have a Lot of Money. Good life advice, but for travel is it vital. Sometimes you need to hop a bus or a plane, grab a last minute train or taxi. Hotels, restaurants, even bribes -- all these things add up fast, particularly if you are in another country. Money is the grease on the axle of travel.

  2. Pick a Direction, Not a Destination. You've heard the beaches in this part of a country are nice -- set your sights in that direction... odds are, you'll get there. However, if something should come up, you aren't locked into "getting there or bust.” Sure, beaches are nice... but some of the most wonderful things in life happen alongside roads and in tiny, remote villages.

  3. Go With the Flow. Ramming your head into a brick wall won't make it budge, nor will yelling at ticket clerks about late trains. Where are you now? What can be done here? What unknown wonders await in the places you never intended to go? Feel the tug of intuition, and let it guide you.

  4. Be Alert. Often, if you're off the beaten trail, the risk/reward ratio increases... you'll see some amazing things, but if you're a tourist in another country, being far from usual could make you seem like easy prey. Be alert, and ready to run.

  5. Travel with Company. No one suggests you travel alone, and if you're striking out to experience the world, another person is vital to keeping alert, safe and healthy. Feelings get raw during travel... know the person you travel with well beforehand.

  6. Listen to Fellow Travelers and Locals. Often the best spots can't be found on websites or travel guides. People who know the area, or have spent some time there, will often point you in the direction of secluded places and amazing events that the rest of the traveling world could never imagine.

  7. Know When to Stop. While we never stop traveling in our lives, a wise person will know when it is time to head back home. Sometimes it will be sooner than expected, sometimes far longer, but one shouldn't push a trip longer than its natural lifespan.

Happy Travels!


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