How To Use a Map for Driving Directions

Map Quest, MSN, Yahoo, Google Maps, and provide mapping services online where you can get information to maps and directions of places in the USA and other countries. Choose the website that has the features you need.

MSN Maps and Directions gives accurate driving directions, provides the total distance, driving time, distance between turns, and the return driving directions for selected destinations.

  1. The Welcome Page lists maps and destinations in the USA and Canada. Choose your destination and a picture with the map of the city will be displayed.
  2. The Directions Page gives you driving directions, with options for the shortest driving time or shortest distance. Enter your starting and end points, and printable driving directions will show the total travel distance and the distance for each turn.
  3. The Collections Page provides pictures and videos of interesting places, and files previously selected places. Enter a keyword or tag to view the directions going to a specific place.
  4. The Locations Page gives several views of a site. Enter a destination and 2D or 3D images will be displayed showing a 360 degree view of the site. Zoom the picture in and out on streaming video, using Virtual Earth 3D software.
  5. The Businesses Section helps search for any business. Enter the name of the business, its location, and a map with the driving directions will be displayed.

Map Quest’s map and driving directions program prepares travel itineraries based on given information. The exact distance between places, detailed driving instructions, specific turns, distance between turns, and the estimated driving time to and from destinations is provided. View the information separately or beside the map of your destination.

Your itinerary is calculated based on the following:

  1. the address or intersection from where you will start
  2. as many addresses or intersections you input as stopovers
  3. your final destination

Map Quest provides driving directions to locations in the fastest time or the shortest route. It shows the location of selected stopovers together with other rest stops, campgrounds, restaurants, with the optional routes to take, and the distance and expected turns. You have a choice of printing for free, the driving directions on paper, or having it transferred to a PDA or cell phone for easy access.

Yahoo! Maps provides maps of streets with the driving directions to places in the United States and Canada. You can view satellite images of any location in the world. Use its features to:

  1. View highway routes and conditions, with traffic incident markers of selected highways.
  2. Choose a specific location and receive detailed driving directions on a map that is downloadable and printable. You can click and store links to specific street locations and addresses.
  3. Find businesses and get the addresses and phone numbers through Smart View.
  4. Access Yahoo Local Maps with:
  • Maps that can be dragged
  • Information that can be zoomed in  
  • Multi-point driving directions to several addresses entered
  • Address books, directory of phone numbers, and live traffic information.

Google Maps provides satellite views of locations and business listings. Its maps have tools to link, print, and email driving directions and can be sent to cell phones.

All mapping services online are user-friendly, with some services having more features than others depending on what suits your needs.


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