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Get Tips for Writing Reservation Letters to a Hotel

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Sometimes we just don't have enough time to sit down and compose a letter from scratch. It's a good thing that there are sample letters freely downloadable from the Internet. We can use such samples as templates. They already have the right form and contain the usual statements, we just need to modify and fill in the correct information specific to our situation. There are letters for every occasion and need. In case you need to write one to a hotel to make a reservation, here is what you need to keep in mind so you can correctly modify that sample hotel reservation letter you're holding. Booking hotels is easy if you know what to do to modify the letter. Use these tips when writing reservation letters to hotels.

  1. State who you are and the length of the reservation. Introduce yourself in the opening paragraph. If you're making the reservation on behalf of an organization, you should also give the organization's name and perhaps declare your position or relationship to it. If the reservation is in connection to an event like a conference or convention, it would also be a good idea to give the event's name and briefly explain what it's all about. Then you can end your opening paragraph with the inclusive dates and times.
  2. State the expected number of people. In your next paragraph you need to say how many people need to be accommodated. It would be more helpful to the hotel staff to declare if they all belong to a certain profession or industry, to a specific age group or a mixed group.
  3. State the preferred room and boarding arrangements. Next, inform the hotel how many and what types of rooms must be reserved and what meals need to be included. It would be easier if you're going to use one of the hotel's reservation packages. In any case you still need to be familiar with the hotel's room and board offerings so you can specify what you need.
  4. State the use of any other facilities. If you're going to need exclusive use of the conference rooms, swimming pool or any other facility the hotel has, you need to state this request in the letter so their staff can reserve and prepare it ahead of time. This is particularly necessary if you're planning an event. Banners, standees and other collaterals will be installed properly, furniture will be arranged accordingly, and any other equipment such as screens and video projectors or a public address sound system will be ready for use.
  5. State your contact information. You concluding paragraph should contain either your mobile phone number, office or home number or email address. Better if you can put in all four contact information. This will make coordination between you and the hotel easier. They'll be able to reach you directly and inform you of the status of your reservation, its costs and perhaps ask you for further details they might need to push through with your requests.

Now you know what's needed when writing reservation letters for hotels. In putting together this letter its important to keep in mind the pertinent details of your hotel reservations and to organize them into separate paragraphs so your requirements are clearly conveyed. This will put you and the hotel staff on the same page and prevent any misunderstandings when booking your stay.


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