How To Use a Squat Toilet

Using a squat toilet could prove to be tricky for those who are accustomed to using the flush toilet. A squat toilet which is also known as the Eastern or Natural Position toilet is a type of toilet used by squatting instead of sitting (as compared to a flush toilet) and it is a toilet that is basically a hole in the ground. And despite the convenience of modern facilities all around us, there are still places where you can find squat toilets.

For times when you are traveling to some parts of the world where squat toilets are still used, here are tips on how to use them:

Always bring with you your own toilet paper as most squat toilets do not provide toilet paper. In case you forgot to bring toilet paper, water is provided but you have to dry off with your own fabric. A trash bin beside the squat toilet is conveniently placed for you to throw your used toilet paper after using the toilet.

Before you squat and use the toilet, you have two options in order to keep your pants from making contact with the toilet and from getting wet. You could remove your pants and hang them or you may pull them down at the level of your ankles. To keep the pants from dropping, roll up your pant legs or tuck your pant legs in your socks (in case you are wearing a pair) and hold your pants forward away from the toilet. Check your pockets for anything that might drop when you squat.

You may now squat over the toilet. However, to keep your balance, keep your feet flat and avoid moving forward or backward. There are some squat toilets where foot rests are installed. Place your feet in these grooves where available. If you squat on the balls of your feet instead of keeping flat, your stability is compromised and will strain your knees. Worse, you might fall down. Imagine yourself if that happened!.

You may now do your toilet business whether it is to urinate or defecate. Direct your urine properly back, towards the toilet hole and in between your legs to avoid being splashed with urine. Women may need to urinate more strongly at the start and at the end so that the urine will surely be directed to the toilet. Avoid unnecessary movements.

If you are finished, you may wash yourself with the water provided or use the toilet paper in wiping yourself with your free hand (your other hand is holding your pants or is helping you hold balance remember?). Do not throw the toilet paper in the squat toilet. This may clog the toilet. The right thing to do is throw the toilet paper in the trash bin. After using the squat toilet pour water to flush down your wastes.

Using a squat toilet is not that difficult and it is also sanitary as it does not involve contact between the buttocks and the toilet. Squatting also helps you eliminate faster. Just always remember to keep your balance.


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