How To Use an International Calling Card

Businesses, politics, personal relationships, etc. can never let a day pass without making a single phone call to another party. This commodity is so basic that we would go through countless measures to satisfy our preferences. We seek out better, cheaper or newer communication services to suit our needs. One of the more popular avenues that we go to, especially for calls outside the country, is an international calling card. This card is easy to use and is a lot like a prepaid calling card. It can be used to call anywhere from the US to the UK or any part of the world.

There are several steps to use an international phone card.

  1. First on the list is buying the actual card. The whole process of using telephone cards begins with the trickiest step because it involves your actual selection of a calling card. Features, prices, coverage, etc. are amongst the conditions that need to be addressed and finding the right one is not an easy task. Cheap calling cards are popular choices but because everyone has different conditions to base their judgment on, there are some who look for a more expensive international phone card. This means that someone else's preferred card might not work for another person's advantage due to some circumstances.
  2. The next step involves acquiring the PIN number and the access numbers from the card. Some cards may be contained in a carton pouch while others are scratch cards, so, you will need to prepare them before going to the next step. Be cautious on markers separating letters from numbers like the number 0 from the letter O. Also, some phone cards have case sensitive codes, so try to imitate each digit exactly as it looks like.
  3. After the card has been prepared, dial the toll free number indicated on the card. These are the 800, 899, 800, etc. numbers that will connect you to the card's company phone machine. It will provide you with important instructions free of charge. If you are new at this, try to listen very carefully. Sometimes it might take fractions of your patience but it's better than starting again from the very beginning.
  4. Now, a machine or recording will be instructing you to enter the codes on the phone calling cards. Follow each digit carefully. If you need glasses, then by all means wear them. If you receive a prompt that the card is invalid, try reviewing and reentering the codes several times before calling customer service.
  5. What happens next sometimes differs. Some phone companies, like AT&T, will mention some words of courtesy and then give you your current credit balance while others will let you proceed on dialing your call's destination. Some people are not very fond of listening to a machine talking to them, so they miss their balance and when they will max out the card their calls are left hanging. This results to misunderstandings, especially with regard to the charges.
  6. After a few seconds listening to a machine, you may enter the number that you want to contact. An international call starts with 011, then the code of the country that you wish to contact, before entering the city code with the phone number. Secure these codes, country code and city code beforehand to ensure convenience.

An international calling card has the capacity to give cheap and convenient means to call abroad. And as long as you keep these steps in mind, there is no reason for you to do otherwise.


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