How To Use Apple Vacations

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Apple Vacations is one of America's most popular online vacation websites. It's easy to use and it offers great deals to vacationers for just about any destination. If you're planning a vacation, follow these tips to use Apple Vacations to help make your next vacation a great one.

Step 1

Surf to the Apple Vacations website. To start using Apple Vacations, head to their website at

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the website. Like most travel websites, Apple Vacations has different sections for different types of vacations. Browse the different destinations (Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe) to see what types of vacations are available. As well, check out the value-priced vacations in the Super Sale section. You'll find great value packages in the Best Buy section as well. And if you're planning a family trip, you can browse family vacation packages by clicking on the Family tab.

As well, you will notice that Apple Vacations lists some of its best deals on the home page. The ‘Top Deals of the Week' section is hard to miss. Read through the unbelievable deals that are scrolling by on the right side of the page. And also check out the advertisements for the variety of vacation destinations spread over the page. You'll quickly realize that you've got a lot of choice when it comes to planning your next vacation getaway with Apple Vacations.

Step 3

Enter your vacation details. Once you understand how the website works and what it has to offer, you can begin searching for your vacation. Apple Vacations has an easy-to-follow search process. On the left side of the screen you can plan your vacation. Fill in your departure city, your destination city, and your preferred travel dates. As well, list the travelers and select whether you would prefer hotel or flight only. Click on ‘go', and your vacations will begin loading.

Step 4

Browse for the perfect vacation. Apple Vacations will show you a list of vacations that meet your requirements. Note that some of they may not be exactly on the dates that you requested. Apple Vacations will show you your flight itinerary and give you hotel options. Select the hotel that you prefer and click on ‘Select and Continue'. (Remember that most hotels are listed per person, so you may need to double that price if you're travelling with your spouse.

You'll then be taken to a page that asks you to select your room type. Read through the descriptions to inform your decision. You can even take a virtual tour of the room to get a feel for the décor of the hotel. Some rooms will require you to pay a premium (usually because of the view). Again, this is a per person fee, so double it for two people. Click on ‘Select' when you find the room type you like.

Step 5

Review your selections. Once you've selected your room, you'll be taken to a page to review your choices. Apple Vacations will also offer your travel insurance. This is often a good idea, so it may be worthwhile to consider insuring you and your trip. Make any extra selections next, and then click on ‘Continue Booking'.

Step 6

Complete your booking. On the right hand side of the next page, you'll see a total price for your trip. You are then required to fill in your billing information, including the personal information of all travelers. Complete the payment forms, and click on ‘Complete Booking'.  You'll see a confirmation page that you need to print. After you do so, your vacation has successfully been booked using Apple Vacations.


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