How To Use Expedia Driving Directions

The basic thing you do when you travel for whatever purpose is plan your trip. Often you get a very clear picture of the place you are going to. But how you get there is another story. If you opt or maybe have no other choice but to travel to your destination by road, it is always wise and cost effective to know the detailed directions to the place before you hit the road.

The World Wide Web offers a very convenient way to obtain reliable information for travelers like you.  There are specific sites that provide tips and advice on this topic and there are sites that give detailed directions to specific places. Expedia is one of these sites. It is actually an online travel agent that helps you in booking flights, hotel rooms, car rentals and vacation packages found on their site.

Apart from these, Expedia has this extension service of providing driving directions, particularly to land travelers in North America and Europe.

You can find this at .

Once you are on this site, you will be asked to identify first your starting point. You have two choices for this. First, you can input the address or intersection. Here you are asked for the street or intersection, the city, state and postal code. Presently, this option covers only places in the U.S.

The second choice is more general. Here, you can pick the general region of the location, either North America or Europe and you input the name of the place.

The same choices are given for the next item where you are asked to identify your destination. You should try to be as accurate or as specific as possible in the information you provide. If you do have problems, even in the spelling, just continue. Once you move to the next page, Expedia will provide a list of possible choices for you if
it does not find any exact match.

The third step gives you choices for the route type, either quickest or shortest, and the units of distance you prefer to use, either miles or kilometers.

When you click “Get driving directions”, a window appears showing on top a small map where the start and end points of your journey are indicated. There is a Map Mover located at the rights side of the map. You can use this to move the map in short distances towards the direction of whichever small triangle you click.

You can also increase the size of the map by zooming in or out using the Zoom level control. Just click on a place in the map where you want to focus on, and it will remain at the center of your zoomed in or out view.

But this map of Expedia is still small so a hard copy may not be very useful at all except to give you some idea of the general direction. The information you get from maps are always limited by the scale or how detailed the map is.

At the bottom of the table, you can also click the See a list of hotels near your destination. This could come in handy especially if you still need to book a hotel room.

Now that you have done one of the important things you have to do in planning a trip and you have a clear picture of how to get to your destination, your travel plan is much more in place. Maybe at this point you just need to do some car checking, buying and packing your stuff for the trip. Well, whatever it is that you still need to do, always remember to stay safe and make the most out of the road trip by appreciating the scenery. After all, that’s one of the things you get from road trips that are offered free.


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