How To Use Frequent Flyer Rewards

Frequent flyer programs are created by airlines to reward customers who loyally patronize their flights. The more the customer uses their services to travel domestically or abroad, the more points the customers accumulate. Here we look at some of the ways by which frequent flyers of major North American airlines can use their earned miles.

American Airlines’ AAdvantage program is the original travel rewards program and is probably the largest in the world. Customers can earn miles not only for using the airlines’ services, but also for patronizing the airlines’ travel and non-travel partners. You can use the miles you have earned to get one-way travel tickets to any destination of your choice under the AANytime and MileSAAver Awards. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the Reservations office or, if you have time, visit your local American Airlines office.  Moreover, you can also exchange or redeem your AAdvantage miles for various products and services from American Airlines Vacations,, Magazines for Miles, Newspaper for Miles, and American Airlines’ Admirals Clubs.

US Airways’ Dividend Miles rewards program is not only for the frequent flyer but also for those who fly once in a while through US Airways. Sure, frequent flyers have more ways to earn miles. But non-frequent travelers also have a number of ways to earn miles through online shopping, online banking, reading newspapers, and just plain using their credit cards to make purchases.

And it’s also easy to redeem those miles. Just log-in into your account online and book a flight for one-way or multi-city travel. You can also use your miles to purchase newspapers and magazine subscriptions. Members who are feeling philanthropic can also donate their miles to the American Red Cross, Fisher House Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Mercy Medical Airlift under its Miles for Hope Program. Donated miles will be used according to:

  1. Reunite families of U.S. service members and veterans
  2. Transport disaster relief workers
  3. Grant the wishes of children with life-threatening conditions
  4. Transport medically indigent, low-income and financially vulnerable patients over long distances

Air Canada’s Aeroplan travel rewards program is one of the most comprehensive customer loyalty programs around. Aside from the many ways which you can quickly accumulate miles, there are also plenty of ways to use those miles. Use miles to rent cars, reserve hotel rooms, pay for dinner, and book flights to any Air Canada destination. Miles can also be to shop online for books, music, movies, flowers, electronic gadgets, luggage and bags, and other items.

In addition, members can help enrich the lives of other people by donating their miles to charities such as Earth Day Canada, Engineers Without Borders, Kids’ Horizons, Medecins San Frontiers, Schools Without Borders, Stephen Lewis Foundation, Veterinarians Without Borders, and War Child Canada.

These are just some of the frequent flyer rewards programs available in the North American market. Find the best one for you and start earning those miles.


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