How To Use Online Travel Guides

If you're planning a trip abroad, a travel guide can be an informative companion. Online travel guides are often just as helpful as actual travel books, since they offer a wealth of information about the culture, food, accommodations and attractions of each particular destination. Follow this basic guide on how to use online travel guides when you're planning your next getaway.

Step 1

Understand how the website works. Most online travel guides offer a lot of information about a lot of different travel destinations. Before you can take advantage of the information on an online travel guide, you will need to narrow your search. Log onto to travel guide websites like or and enter the specific destination you're interested in into the search box. Once you do this, you will be able to use the online travel guide to read information specific to your selected location.

Step 2

Read up on places to stay. Online travel guides should highlight several popular options for lodging while you're traveling. In the accommodations section, find out about the hotels, hostels, lodges, and tents that are available at your specific destination. At the same time, you should be able to find out about pricing, and click on a link to determine availability. You may also be able to find reviews on online travel guides about the different accommodations.

Step 3

Find something interesting to do. A popular use for online travel guides is finding attractions and things to do at a travel destination. Find out what kind of things you can do while you're in Dubai. And discover whether or not you'll need a bug net during your trek to Costa Rica. All online travel guides will have a comprehensive listing of things to do that will surely please even the fussiest traveler. Make a note of the activities in the online travel guide that interest you so that you can be sure you won't miss out on anything while you're visiting the destination.

Step 4

Read about the culture. Probably the most interesting aspect of an online travel guide is the culture section for each destination. You can learn about the unique aspects of the area you'll be visiting. Find out what foods you can taste while you're there, what type of commerce can be expected in the cities (street markets, barterers, or expensive artisans selling from shops), and what special festivities will take place while you're there. Knowing about the culture of a travel destination will undoubtedly get you geared up for your trip. Use online travel guides to learn about your travel destination before you go so you can have a better appreciation of what you see, smell, hear, and taste once you're there.

Step 5

Make travel arrangements. Unlike traditional travel guides, online travel guides have one distinct feature that allows you to make travel arrangements directly from the website. If you decide that you can't wait another minute to book your next vacation, you can easily book a flight, rent a car and secure travel insurance on a travel guide website. It may not be the best deal you'll find on the internet, but the opportunity to make your trip plans at your fingertips when you're using an online travel guide.


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