How To Use Priceline

One great service that travel agencies online offer you is their ability to present the comparative costs of airfares, hotel and car rentals.

Priceline is no different as it provides you with great deals on travel related products and services that include air fare, hotel accommodation and cruises. But something else sets them apart. They added a twist in the process. At Priceline you have the option to “Name Your Own Price” where you get to quote the price you want to pay for your air tickets. All they ask is a little flexibility on your part.

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For your regular option, you supply some basic travel information first. At the Search Flight box, you are given some options to choose from depending on your flight flexibility. If you have specific time for the days you want to travel, then you fill out the boxes that require the usual travel details like round-trip, one-way or multi-destinations. You also provide the places of origin and destination, the departure and returning dates, the number of tickets and seating class you like.  Note however, that all Priceline travel arrangements are currently limited to departures that originate from the US.

Priceline then searches for the best airline deals. You are first presented with the list where you choose your departure flight. The next window gives you a selection of the returning flights. After you made the selection, you can either proceed to Search flights now to get the search results or Search flight +hotel option to add hotel booking.

If you continue with just the flight option, you get the window that shows the summary of your flight. It also contains an option for you to add other items like car rentals and all the passenger information you initially supplied.

The next window shows the trip summary and you are required to provide the payment details. Then you proceed with paying the booking online.

For the special option mentioned at the start, you may choose the Name Your Own Price option located at the middle of the Search Flights box.

Click Bid Now! to select this.

On top of the next window you find the departure and arrival airports and Priceline directs your attention to the airport combinations that offer the best deals. You can also get an idea on the distance of the airport to the nearest landmark and other pertinent details like recommended hotels if available.

In the middle of the window is the Name Your Own Price part where you input the price you like to pay.

At the bottom of the window you find the Passenger and Ticket Information where you are asked for your name and number of children going with you.

For all these, Priceline gives the “Best price and quality guarantee”. For the best price guarantee, they promise to pay you the price difference when you find that the product or service you bought from them is offered at a lower price by another company. For the quality guarantee, they give you a list of services that you can get from them and if these do not match the services for the flight you bought, you can call them and they will change or cancel the flight free of charge.

The next window gives the summaries of your trip and charges. Note at this point that the only information given is the departure and arrival dates and the respective airports. No airline and time of flight is provided as the airline will be the one to choose these.  So be ready to get flights from any major airline at any time of the day, or night!

The other restrictions for the Name Your Own Price arrangement are also given near the bottom of the window.

Finally, you provide all the payment information and you proceed to pay online.

This process of naming your own price is quite amazing. If you are lucky, you can get your air ticket at an unbelievably low price. So be flexible and take your chance!


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