How To Use the AAA Trip Planner

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Using AAA’s trip planner can change the way you travel.  Not only that it will save you time and effort, it will also add enjoyment to your trip.  Here are some of the many ways to use an AAA trip planner:

  1. By typing the address of your starting point and your destination, you could create a route on a map which can be printed and brought with you on your trip.  You can select a return route.  You could also mark important places such as AAA offices, interesting places, lodging areas, restaurants, gas stations and so on.
  2. If you have no specific address, you could click on listed places. There is available information about lots of airports, hotels, restaurants, colleges among others.
  3. Choose trip preferences, whether like to travel by air, by cruise, or by car.  For cruises, state your destination, your cruise line and cruise ship. Name the date you would leave and the duration of your trip.  There’s a list of cruises for different dates and the price list for each different section of the shop.  For flights, you can pick what type of trip you like, what airport you will be coming from and arriving, and the date and duration of your trip.  For road trips, you can state whether you like your route to be fast or scenic and also if you want to avoid tolls fees. 
  4. You can rent a car by choosing where you would like to be picked up, the dates of pick-up and drop-off, the car type and whether you like your car to have air conditioning.  Avail of the specials listed.
  5. Know road conditions.  You can choose to view road and traffic conditions, as well as detours, road construction and hazards.  These could be plotted on the map of the area you plan on traveling.
  6. Know which places to visit.  By specifying what type of places you want to visit, you would be given a list of suggestions as well as reviews and price ranges.  Check out the area by clicking on the travel guides.  There you could see photos and videos of the place as well as articles submitted by other travelers.  Plan up to 20 stop-overs by choosing a place and saving it in ‘My trip’.
  7. Know what to do.  There are a list of attractions, activities and events for each place.  An event calendar lists important dates like celebrations and festivals.  By choosing what activities you would like to participate in, a list of suggestions of events and places will be given to you
  8. You can book a hotel room using the AAA trip planner.  Ratings and reviews are presented, as well as specific characteristics.  Just fill out a reservation form available online. 
  9. Calculate fuel cost by choosing your make of your car, the year it is manufactured, your starting point and destination.
  10. Know the nearest gas station.  You can also check the gas prices at each one.

These and more can be accessed online for free.  Use an AAA trip planner now and see the difference it would make to your travels.


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