How To Navigate Miami International Airport

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The Miami International Airport is currently undergoing a $4.8 billion dollar capital improvement program that will add a great deal of much needed space and modernize the out-of-date terminal.  Once you familiarize yourself with the layout, navigating the Miami International Airport should be fairly easy. Here's how to get around Miami International Airport.

General Layout

Miami International Airport is shaped like a large horseshoe and consists of Concourses lettered A through J.  Ticket Counters and Departure Gates are on Upper Level 2.  Domestic flights arrive at Level 2.  From there, take the escalator down to Baggage Claim on Level 1. International flights arrive at Customs E, Level 1 and Customs J, Level 3.

If you are just picking up or dropping someone off, the Arrival Level is the ground level roadway and the Departure Level is the elevated, second level roadway.


The main airport building is divided into the North Terminal - also called Blue Dolphin - and the South Terminal, known as Pink Flamingo.  This division makes parking navigation very easy.

Valet Parking
- Available on the Departure Level across from Concourses B&C in the North Terminal.

Short Term Parking - Two locations across from Concourse E on upper and lower decks.  There is additional Short Term Parking located on the Arrival Level of the South Terminal across from Concourses H and J.

Long Term Parking
- The Blue Dolphin garage serves Concourses C, D and E.  The Pink Flamingo garage serves Concourses F, G, H and J.  Either garage can be accessed from Central Boulevard on the Arrival or Departure Levels.

Economy Park&Ride - Drive through Departure Level toward airport exit and look for signs that say "Economy Park & Ride."  Park & Ride shuttles stop at the Departure Area, on the center median in the Concourse E, F and J areas.

Disabled Parking
- Disabled parking is available on the first and third levels of both Flamingo and Dolphin garages.

Ground transportation services are located on Level 1 of the Airport Terminal outside the Baggage Claim area.

When navigating through the 2nd floor of the Miami International Airport, you'll notice that each Concourse has a variety of shops, including duty-free shops, restaurants, lounges and personal services such as shoe shines, currency exchange, and ATMs.  A full service bank is located in Concourse B at level 4.  There is an Armed Forces Services Center on Level 2, Concourse E.

For those with pets, there is a Pet Relief Area located on the Arrival Level at Concourse E.


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