How To Pick a Great Airline Seat

You have traveled a lot of times and have tried different airlines and you realize that in plane travel, one of the most difficult things to do is pick a great airline seat.

Who wouldn't want a great airline seat? Here's how to find one:

First, know what you want in a great airline seat. A great airline seat differs from one person to another. It could be a spacious leg room seat, a seat with a view, a comfortable chair, a smooth ride, a quick exit or a seat where one does not get disturbed.

Don't choose a seat where you can see the jet engine. This is the area where you can feel the vibration of the engine as well as hear the engine noise. The air turbulence could make you dizzy especially if your seat is near the airplane engine. The engine noise can be annoying and disturbing. It is best to choose a seat which is near the front of the airplane wing and avoid the seat near the back of the plane.

If you do not want to be disturbed, do not choose a seat near the aisle where a lot of people pass by. You can't choose who you are seated with so it would be best to choose a seat next to a window. Also, do not choose a middle seat if you frequent the bathroom. You will be certain to disturb and be disturbed by the people on your side. Some passengers might even be annoying.

It is said that the best seats are the seats that have a large leg room and can be reclined. There are seats that can't be reclined so ask your airline beforehand. However, be ready to pay extra. If you can afford it, choose the luxury class.

If only the economy class is available, chose the first one-fourth area near the higher class. Avoid the back areas of this class as most people are seated there.

The secret here is booking well and book early before traveling. When you book, book a specific seat. Check your airline for a seating diagram. Choose the seat which you want the most. Check again within 24 hours before your flight in case of changes. In some cases of airplane transfer, you might be relegated to a bad sitting arrangement if you were not able to check back. Check-in early because some airline set their seating plan just before take-off during the check-in phase.

Do you travel by plane regularly? If you do, ask the airline for great seating arrangement perks. Frequent fliers are usually given privileges for a great seat. Usually frequent fliers are given the first choice in terms of seat.

Picking a great airline seat is not that hard. All you have to do is know what seat you want, choose well from the airline seating diagram and book early. Doing these things could get you a great airline seat and the kind of airline travel you've always wished for.


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