How To Plan a Trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the easiest cities to explore for novices traveling to Asia. With an "East Meets West" quality, a Hong Kong trip is sure to please travelers looking for local culture while enjoying modern conveniences.

When planning a trip to Hong Kong, it's important to decide what time of year you'd like to travel. If you are planning a trip on a budget, avoid the Chinese New Year in late January/early February. This season is akin to Thanksgiving or Christmas in western countries, making airplane tickets and accommodations to Hong Kong much more expensive. If you do not think you can handle 90 degree Fahrenheit heat coupled with humidity, avoid July and August as well. This is a walking city so you will be outdoors often. The winters are extremely mild, so in regards to the weather, the best time to plan your trip to Hong Kong would be between October and May.

Once you've decided on some approximate dates for your Hong Kong trip, consider how you'd like to proceed with booking your airline and hotel reservations. You can contact a travel agency and have them make flight and hotel arrangements. Ask the agent planning your Hong Kong trip if there are any tour packages with a hotel on Hong Kong Island. It may be more expensive than living on the Kowloon side of the city (where many tours deposit their guests), but it will afford you more walk-able adventures in the thick of things. Having a travel agent do all the work will prevent you from having to plan your Hong Kong trip from scratch.

Many travel packages for Hong Kong may include an Airport Express ticket as well. Those who fly into Hong Kong's airport usually take the fast, easy, and convenient airport express train to their destination in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. These tickets can cost 100 RMB each way so if your travel package includes this, you'll have more money to spend during your Hong Kong trip!

Another route to planning a trip to Hong Kong is the DIY method. You may be able to save money by scouring hotel booking and travel sites like or Some booking sites promote Asia packages regularly, so make sure you do your homework when planning your Hong Kong trip. Grab a guidebook- Hong Kong is an easy city to explore. Give yourself a week in this venerable city, no less or you'll miss out!


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