How To Plan a Trip to Universal Studios

Going to any theme park is always a treat. Six Flags, Disneyland and California Adventure are marquee destinations for any tourist out there. One other marquee destination for theme park buffs is Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. It offers attractions based on the biggest movies that were produced in its studios, like Jurassic Park The Ride, Terminator 2, The Simpsons, The Mummy and many others. It also offers guests a tour of the Universal Studios back lot, where the guests get to see the different sets and studios that were used for their favorite Universal Studios movies.

First thing you should do is plan ahead; call up Universal Studios office to ask questions relevant to your visit. Try to find out when their peak and lean seasons are. You would of course want to go during the lean season; you want to avoid the huge crush of people trying to enjoy the park at the same time that you do. Also, peak season means that you would have to contend with all the people getting in line at the different attractions. This means you would be wasting valuable time just standing around when you could have been enjoying the other attractions and sights around the theme park.

Universal Studios offers ticket packages and discounts to people who buy their tickets through the Internet. They also offer packages for groups of people, and special tickets ranging from day passes to season passes. Buying tickets online also saves you the trouble of having to line up outside the park to buy your entrance tickets.

Another way to avoid long lines is to buy a flash pass. A flash pass enables the guest to bypass all the long lines in order to get into the attraction he wants. These flash passes are useful if you want to experience Universal Studios Hollywood in full; you’ll be able to get into every attraction you want in an instant. These fast passes are very limited in number though, so make sure that you go to the park early or buy them online.

Another detail you would need to polish out is where you would stay while visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. One cheap lodging alternative is to stay in the place of a relative or friend who lives in or around the area of Universal Studios. This way you won’t have to pay for your lodging and can save up on money, which you can use for other things like food and other stuff. Also, you need not worry about getting in late because you live just a stone’s throw away from the park. If you don’t have a relative or friend there, hotels and inns are also available for the weary traveler. They are located near the area of Universal Studios, giving you enough choices.

Also, you would want to make sure that the weather is going to be good during your visit; no one wants their trip to be rained out.


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