How To Plan a Trip to Universal Studios Orlando

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Theme parks are some of the most fun places in the world. Rides, attractions and other cool stuff await the traveler curious to see what everything is about. Six Flags, Disneyland and California Adventure are some of the marquee names when it comes to theme parks. Some of the biggest theme parks are located in California, but one marquee name still stands out in the east: Orlando Universal Resorts. Once known as Universal Studios Orlando, it added Islands of Adventure to become OUR.

The first thing you should do in planning a trip to Orlando Universal Resorts is to decide how long you would stay there. Seeing as how it’s two theme parks in one, you need ample time in order to enjoy your whole stay. After deciding to go, call the offices to find out the details needed for the trip ahead. Ask about ticket prices and ticket packages, what discounts are available, the operating hours of the park and other important things.

Also, you should know when the peak and lean seasons of the theme park are. The best time to go to the theme park is during the lean season; this way you can avoid the crush of humanity who is trying to enjoy the park at the same time you are. This makes going around the theme park much easier and gives it a more relaxing feel. People go to theme parks to relax and have a good time and not stress about having too many people. Peak season also means that there are long lines at the major attractions in the park. You don’t want to be caught up in a long line while you could be enjoying other attractions around the theme park.

If you do get caught up in the peak season, one way to avoid being hassled by the mass of humanity is to buy your tickets online. Buying tickets online saves you the time of having to line up outside the park itself and wasting valuable time. Also, buying tickets over the Internet has its perks. Guests can purchase discounted packages when they purchase their tickets online. Guests can also choose fast passes; these are special passes that allow riders or guests to bypass the long lines and get into their desired attractions without having to line up. These are in limited stock, however, so make sure that you go to the park early or try purchasing it online.

Another thing that you’d want to make sure is your lodging. The best lodging would be finding some relatives who live in or around the same area of the theme park to stay with. This would save money that you could use on other things such as food or shopping. If you don’t have a relative to stay with, Orlando Universal Resorts offers three hotels inside the park where you can stay in. Each has its own motif and specialties, and the best thing about it is, your room key can be used as a fast pass. This makes going around the park easier and your trip much more fun and exciting.


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