How To Find Treasure Trails across the US

Treasure and pirates are usually seen in movies and fairy tales only. However, you can also have a taste of this treasure hunting experience. You don’t need to go as far as the long lost islands in the Pacific or some native villages near the sea. Even in the U.S., you can take an adventure on a lot of its treasure trails.

You might think that the treasure trails are just for games, as these kind of treasure hunting games are becoming one of the most popular games in the online world today. One example of this kind of game is the Runescape. The RuneHQ website serves as a guide that gives clue scrolls for Runescape users.

Going back to the real world though, the U.S. has a lot of treasure locations that any adventurer would love to experience. Here are some of the most famous trails that America has in store for you:

  • Black Dog Trail in Oklahoma. Lying across the Arkansas River, a lot of hunters camp near the Black Dog Trail Crossing in search of the hidden pouches of gold, which are believed to have come from the historical California Rush. The location of the Black Dog Trail Crossing is at NewKirk, Oklahoma in Kay County.
  • Colorado Rockies. Colorado hides a lot of treasures from gold mines to diamonds from the Spaniards. Some of  Colorado’s treasure locations include Devil’s Head Mountain, Treasure Mountain, and Dead Man’s Cave. Devil’s Head Mountain is one of the most popular because it is believed to have become a hideout of some outlaw gangs, who buried some of their stolen treasures there.
  • Caves of Missouri. Different kinds of treasures can be found in a lot of caves housed in Missouri. One of the famous trails here is the one popularly known as Alf Bolin’s Outlaw Loot. The map trails are located somewhere in the Fox Creek Hills. A Missouri outlaw, Bolfin was said to have buried a treasure there.
  • Nevada Treasures. Some treasure clues can be found in these trails in Nevada like Gold Coins in the Genoa Hills, The Lost Breyfogle Mine, The Lost Gold Ledge, Nevada Prison Treasure, and the Stolen Loot at the Truckee River.
  • Treasure Trails in Kansas. From Spanish expeditions, Kansas holds a lot of hidden treasures. Some of the popular trails here include Fleagle Gang Buried Cache, Fort Dodge Silver, and Pawnee Rock.
  • New Mexico Treasure. A lot of hiding treasures can be seen in New Mexico’s Army Payroll in San Juan County, Red Hill Treasure, The Lost Padre Mine, and Victorio Peak Mystery Treasure.

Indeed, there are a lot of treasures one has a possibility to find in these U.S. treasure locations. A lot of other map trails are located here. In fact, almost all of the states have  treasure trails that can give unexpected rewards to hunters. One last treasure location you might like to travel to is California’s Salton Sea.

Now, enough of clue scrolls from RuneHQ! Instead, grab a trail map and see the rewards the treasure trails of the U.S. have in store for you.


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