How To Prepare for Travel to Paris

The City of Lights as it is called—Paris--is an enchanting destination for families and friends planning a vacation. With many attractive and memorable sites to offer, Paris is a dream destination for honeymooners, backpackers and shoppers. Another good thing about Paris is its accessibility to other European cities that are quite exciting as well. You can go to London, to Rome, to Barcelona, to Amsterdam and others on board a train. Since there are a lot of places to visit in Paris, it is good to plan in advance in order to satisfy your curiosity of the city. So, here’s a practical way to prepare for your visit to Paris.

  1. Duration of your visit. Fix the number of days that you will stay in Paris, excluding the travel time. It will help you in deciding the places that you would like to visit.
  2. Make a schedule. A daily schedule will help you save time and maximize your stay in Paris. Look for maps that shows the must visit sites. Surf the net and find out distances from one exciting site to another. Find out also activities that make the place more exciting and bustling with people (that is if you want to avoid crowded places or the opposite).
  3. Flight details. Look for flights that can give you value for your money. Not only cheap airfare but also check on what is being bundled with the rates of different airlines. It’s good to save on airfares so you can spend more on your activities in Paris.
  4. A place to stay. This is very important as Paris has many accommodation types to offer. They have such thing as the hostels, apartments and of course five star hotels and many more. The more famous accommodation that most budget goers choose is the hostels. Those of course traveling in groups prefer to rent apartments. In choosing a place to stay, consider the places that you have listed in your schedule. Don’t go too far from it. Study their map and find out areas that are accessible for you and your budget.
  5. Crash course on French. If you have ample time before your trip to Paris, why not brush up on your French lesson? While dictionary of English to French translations are available, French words are hard to pronounce so it is better to have a little practice on how it really sounds. But if you do not have that much time to prepare, the language book will do. There are many Parisians who speak English anyway so don’t be afraid to ask away.
  6. Arrange for your flights and accommodations. Once you have decided on your flight schedules and accommodation style, book it right away. You can buy airfare tickets in advance and might get a discount. Reservations for your stay must be confirmed ahead and make sure you also get confirmation from the hostels or apartments that you will be staying for that period of time.

Now you are ready to go and experience Paris. It is recommended by the way, to stay for a week so you can alternately visit museums, monuments, sightseeing and shopping.


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