How To Compare Royal Caribbean Holiday Deals

If you want to escape from the stress brought on by your everyday work yet you want to stick with your budget, Royal Caribbean holiday deals are recommended for you. Caribbean holiday deals are the best means of escaping from the drudge of office and work. The following are the best Royal Caribbean holiday cruise deals:

1.    Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises on one of the world’s most modern ships. This cruise is a showcase of food, culture, and scenic spots. The Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise allows passengers to visit numerous countries in one expedition at affordable rates. Here are the Mediterranean Cruise itineraries:

a.    Greece
What to expect:

  • Spectacular resorts, restaurants, and shopping areas
  • Fascinating architectural spots such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis

b.    Egypt
What to expect:

  • Breathtaking pyramids of Giza
  • Culturally rich local markets

c.    South Africa
What to expect:

  • Impressive historical sites (e.g. Robben Islands - twenty seven year imprisonment of Nelson Mandela)
  • Heart pounding activities such as mountain climbing and paragliding

2.    Oceania Cruises

Unlike other Royal Cruises, Oceania Cruises provide the most adventure-filled and destination-intensive cruise deals. Oceania also offers the experience of a floating hotel where the world’s finest cuisines are served. To give you a better grasp of the services offered by Oceania, here are its cruise ships:

a.    Regatta
What to expect:

  • Offers elegant public areas such as restaurants and swimming pools
  • Features well-designed beds as well as fine bed linen
  • Provides magnificent food service

b.    Insignia
What to expect:

  • Features restaurants without additional rates
  • Offers Edwardian decoration
  • Provides a large library area
  • Tenders finest cuisines and wines

c.    Marina
What to expect:

  • Offers world’s leading culinary center
  • Provides culinary training
  • Fine Asian restaurants
  • Features first-rate suites, cabins, and whirlpools

d.    Nautica
What to expect:

  • Provides first class cocktail and dinner
  • Features a red carpet entrance for cruisers
  • Presents a welcome song from the Nautica Orchestra
  • Offers excitement through the “Officers Challenge”

3.    Costa Cruises

As compared to the Royal Caribbean Mediterranean and Oceania Cruise, the Costa Cruise offers the most interesting destinations. Costa also provides the newest cruise fleet in the European region. In addition, Costa also offers an on board stylish Italian ambiance. For you to be able to know more about the Costa Cruises, meet the following cruise ships:

a.    Costa Victoria
What to expect:

  • Offers modern facilities with Italian style
  • Provides candlelit dinners
  • Features planetarium bar 
  • Tenders larger balcony cabins 

b.    Costa Atlantica
What to expect:

  • Features bigger entertainment activity areas
  • Provides well-designed cabins
  • Offers traditional cuisine

c.    Costa Allegra
What to expect:

  • Chinese style food
  • Provides intimate atmosphere
  • Offers exclusive dining areas
  • Features the newly opened coffee and chocolate bar
  • Presents alluring Asian destinations

Now that you are presented with the reviews about the best Royal Caribbean holiday deals, you have the freedom to choose, decide, pack your things and get ready for that magnificent cruising experience. 


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