Should I Move to Florida? 10 Best Reasons to Move to Florida

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Did you know that moving is considered one of the most stressful life events that a person needs to manage?

We know that deciding on a new place to live is never easy. You have to consider the housing market, social scene, affordability and more.

But if you're "Should I move to Florida?" your decision just got easier! Keep reading to learn more about Florida and some of the best reasons to move to this beautiful state.

1. The Beautiful Weather

Florida is known for having warm and tropical weather for most of the year. This means you can visit the beach during almost every season!

While there is a risk of hurricanes from May through October, this also allows tropical plants and flowers to thrive in the humid and rainy weather. These colorful and rich plants add to the landscape and make Florida beautiful for most of the year.

You will most likely only need a sweater even through the winter months. This means you can enjoy outside activities year-round and explore all of what Florida has to offer.

2. No State Income Tax in Florida

Since Florida has a booming tourist market, it can maintain no state income tax. This is a huge draw for any resident who wants to save money each money. Florida is one of only 7 states that have no income tax, making it quite rare and a huge consideration for moving.

Florida earns tax dollars by having a 7% sales tax and a 5% tourist tax on rental properties and hotel stays. This means that once you become a Florida resident, you're able to enjoy all the same offerings as tourists without paying extra taxes!

3. The Florida Beaches

Florida has some of the best and most beautiful beaches in all of the US. These beaches are all over the coast, including Miami Beach, Panama City Public Beach, St. George Island, Delray Beach, Clearwater Beach and so many more.

Siesta Key has even won awards for having the softest and whitest sand in the world, making it truly iconic. In total, there are no fewer than 663 miles of beaches in the state of Florida.

4. Affordable Property

Along with no state income tax, the affordable housing market is one of the biggest reasons to move to Florida.

There is lots of land in this state and a low cost of living, so Florida properties can be spacious yet within your budget. This state is truly a real estate agent's dream since it has an endless amount of beautiful properties that are constantly being developed.

So if home affordability is on your list of make or break items when considering moving, Florida will certainly make the cut.

5. Great for Retirement

When you think of Florida, you definitely associate areas with retirement. This can be a huge draw, not just for older residents, but for anyone who wishes to eventually retire in a sunny and beautiful area.

Cities like Sarasota, Naples and Vero Beach are known for being retirement destinations. There are many offerings of maintenance-free houses and other benefits to the retirement community, like golf courses, RV parks, and other outdoor activities like fishing.

6. Discounts for Disney and Other Attractions

Millions of tourists from around the world flock to Florida each year for many reasons, including Walt Disney World in Orlando and many other attractions and theme parks. These places typically offer Florida residents discounts throughout the year, especially during the seasons that are slower for tourists, like early fall and late spring.

If you're looking for a weekend trip that's within your state, you can drive over to places like The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach or Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. Whether you have children or want to visit these attractions for all the excitement, you'll have no trouble getting great deals and bargains as a Florida resident.

7. Fun Activities Year-Round

It's not just the theme parks that make Florida such a fun state to live in. There are many cultural experiences both indoors and outdoors that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Popular water sports like boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding and swimming draw many residents to the beaches. But if you prefer more land activities, there are year-round events that take place outside because of the great weather. These activities include things like craft shows, car shows, concerts, farmers' markets and much more.

Also, be sure to take a trip to Miami to enjoy even more culture with some of the world's best art, hotels and restaurants.

8. Vacation Within Your State

Florida's relaxed and sunny environment makes it the perfect place for a vacation. So even if you choose to move to a more central area, you won't need to break the bank searching for flights to another state for a great vacation. You can simply take a drive to the Gulf Coast and enjoy endless vacation activities.

9. Sports Culture

If you're a sports fan who loves the culture, Florida will be a perfect fit for you. Whether you're looking for college or professional teams, you can become a fan in Florida and enjoy the enthusiasm of other residents.

Some of the most popular teams include the Miami Heat, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Rays and many more. You can also enjoy visiting college games at the University of Florida and Florida State University.

10. Affordable Drinks and Food

Florida has an incredible amount of wonderful dining and drinking options. There are many local craft breweries that you'll find in any area of the state. Also, due to the weather and year-round crop season, you can enjoy fresh farm food from many popular restaurants. Be sure to also take advantage of the Cuban and island-inspired influences and enjoy fresh and tasty food options.

There's an Easy Answer to 'Should I Move to Florida?'

If you're wondering "Should I move to Florida?" this list will help you make your decision. Between the affordable housing market, the warm weather, and endless activities, you'll find this to be a great state for residents.

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