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There are many credit card companies that offer a frequent traveler miles program. In this program, your credit card purchases of plane tickets will translate to equivalent points. When these points are high enough, you can convert them to a free plane ticket to a certain destination.

Some credit card companies are giving you an option to buy the remaining points to convert it to a free flight. It is like buying a plane ticket at half the cost. The mechanics vary with different credit card companies and miles program.

Sometimes, the general rule is that cheap airfares are not included. If you travel a lot but use cheap flights, chances are your flights cannot be charged for airline miles.

If you observe closely, low cost carriers, or LCC, do not offer airline miles programs. This simply means that big airline companies can carry out these programs because their revenues are much higher than their costs. They can squeeze more margins out of the regular priced flights to accommodate passengers. This also means that the margins of these LCCs are so low that they cannot accommodate this promo anymore and that they rely on volume to increase revenue.

To sign-up or not to sign-up? That is the question. Signing up may include membership fees. If you always travel via low cost carriers, you won't be using this miles program so signing up may be a waste of time. If you always travel via company costs, then you are in luck as you may be flying via business class, and your points for airline miles are higher. If you have decided to sign up for airline miles, here are some simple steps to follow.

  1. Go to the airline website.  Choose the airline company you want. Enter the web address of that airline company and find their airline miles program. Be sure to review all the mechanics, terms and conditions. If you are not satisfied with the information on their website, call them via their contact number, also present on the website under the "contact us" tab.
  2. Enter your details. When you are ready to sign-up, fill in the required information on the subscription form. It will ask you to put your name, contact address, contact numbers, company, email address, existing credit card information, and so on. The credit card information will be used to link your miles rebates to your miles program, if your purchase is via credit card.
  3. Confirm the details. After entering your personal information, confirm your details. A notification will be sent to the email address that you provided (so remember to put a valid email address) confirming your subscription. You may have to click on the link they provide in the email in order to complete your subscription. Online notifications are used to avoid fraudulent transactions or spams, as automated or auto generated subscriptions cannot do a confirmation.

In conclusion, if you normally fly business class or would not fly on low cost carriers, take advantage of the various airline miles programs. Choose the best offers and before you know it, you'll be flying for free.


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