The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Trip with Your Golf Buddies

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When is the last time you took a trip with your golf buddies?

If it's been more than a few years, now would be a great time to pack up your golf gear and hit the road with your friends. You'll enjoy spending quality time with them while also playing at least one or two rounds of golf each and every day.

To make your next golf trip as successful as it can be, there are some steps you're going to need to take. It'll ensure you and your golf buddies have the time of your life from the moment you walk up to the first tee during your vacation.

Here is the ultimate guide to taking a trip with your golf buddies.

Decide Which of Your Golf Buddies Can Escape for a Golf Getaway

First things first: If you've decided it's time for you to take a golf trip with your friends, decide which of your golf buddies is actually available to do it.

Taking a golf trip in your 20s is usually a lot easier than taking a golf trip in your 30s or 40s. People tend to have more responsibilities as they get older, and that can make it impossible for them to sneak away for a few days of golf.

So before you assume all your buddies are on board with your golf plans, call around and gauge their interest in it. You should try to get at least three of your friends to commit to taking a trip before you move any further along in the planning process.

Figure Out Where You Want to Go for Your Golf Trip

Once you have a group of golf buddies willing to accompany you on your trip, it'll be time to figure out where you want to go as a group. This can be a lot harder than you might think.

One golf buddy might want to go somewhere within driving distance. Another golf buddy might want to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland through Hidden Links.

Don't let any conflict that arises during this part of the process derail your golf trip plans! Instead, allow everyone to make their case for where they want to go and see what makes the most sense.

After discussing it further, you might realize you're only going to get one chance to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip your buddy is ranting and raving about. Or you might realize another buddy is going to drop out if you're going to play on the same old course you always do when you take a trip.

By weighing your options, you should be able to come to an agreement on where you're going to go.

Find the Best Time of Year to Travel to Certain Locations

After you've nailed down where you and your golf buddies are going to go on your golf trip, think about when the best time to take your trip would be.

In some cases, it might be based on weather. The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on a golf trip only to realize that your trip falls right in the middle of the rainy season in your destination.

In other cases, it might be based on when everyone can get off from work. You might have no choice but to go golfing at an inopportune time of year weather-wise because of everyone's work schedules.

Whatever the case may be, look for a time that works well for everyone. You want all your golf buddies to be able to kick back and relax during your trip.

Check to See How Much Your Ideal Golf Trip Is Going to Cost

The cost of your golf trip is obviously going to be a big factor. If the cost is too high, some of your golf buddies might not be able to attend.

When you have a place and a time picked out, check to see how much certain trips are going to cost. If you find that the cost associated with a particular trip is too much money, you might want to consider going back to the drawing board and changing your destination.

It's a good idea to create a vacation budget for your trip and stick to it.

Put One Person in Charge of Making All the Golf Trip Travel Plans

It's going to be just about impossible to schedule a successful golf trip if all your golf buddies are forced to make travel plans on their own.

You're setting yourself up for failure if each of you reserves your own flight and hotel. So rather than going that route, have one person make all of the travel plans for your group.

There is usually one person in every group of golf buddies that is more organized than everyone else. They should be the one to track down the best prices for flights and hotels and make the necessary arrangements.

In return, think about either reducing the price they pay to go on the trip or allowing them to get out of paying for a round of golf. It'll be well worth the investment on your group's part.

Consider How You're Going to Get Your Golf Gear to Its Final Destination

One of the biggest logistical nightmares of planning a golf trip is finding a way to get your golf gear from your home to your destination safely.

If you feel comfortable doing it, one option is shipping your golf gear ahead of you and having it arrive at your hotel before you get there. This will allow you to travel light without having to worry about bringing your golf bag.

You can also inquire with your airline as to what the best way to travel with golf gear is.
Whatever you do, don't just show up at the airport with your golf gear and expect everything to go smoothly. Traveling with golf gear can be a huge hassle and can put a damper on your golf trip before it ever really begins.

Talk About How Often You're Going to Play Golf During Your Trip

Are you going to play a round of golf every day during your trip? Two rounds? No rounds on some days?

Don't set out on your golf adventure without first discussing how much golf your group is going to play. It'll help everyone pack accordingly for the trip.

It'll also help your group avoid any disagreements over when you're going to get out on the course. Some members of your group might not want to play as often as others. It's good to know this ahead of time.

Think About How You're Going to Get Around During Your Golf Trip

If you and three golf buddies are going on an out-of-town golf trip, you're going to need something to get around in during your trip. And a compact car isn't going to cut it!

You'll likely need to rent a large SUV or even a minivan to transport all your golf gear once you arrive at your destination. Rental car agencies don't always have these types of larger vehicles in stock, so make sure you reserve yours in advance.

Reserve Tee Times for Your Golf Trip

You may be able to reserve tee times on the course you're going to be playing at on your golf trip on the day you arrive. But if the course is especially busy, you might not have that option.
Why risk it and miss out on a desired tee time simply because you didn't think to plan ahead? If you're going to be taking a trip, call a course ahead of time and see if you can reserve tee times for your entire trip to ensure you always have access to it.

This will get your group talking about how often you want to play golf. It'll also let a course know you're coming so that they can be ready for you.

Go On Your Golf Trip and Have a Fantastic Time

As long as you've done everything listed here, your golf trip should be great! You and your golf buddies will have an excellent time reconnecting over a few rounds of golf during your trip.

Take advantage of the peace and quiet golf provides and try not to get too stressed out if you miss an easy putt or shank a drive into the woods. The worst golf trip with your golf buddies is still way better than the best work meeting with your coworkers.

Getting Away With Your Golf Buddies Can Be a Great Change of Pace

Your regular everyday life might be starting to feel a little mundane. Switch things up by taking a trip with your golf buddies to inject some excitement back into your life.

When you choose the right course to play at, it'll provide you with a mountain of memories at the end of your trip. It'll also make you and your golf buddies closer and allow you to maintain your relationships.

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